Not Just for Young Girls! Ojisans and Obasans Can’t Stop Loving Aikatsu! and PriPara!

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Not Just for Young Girls! Ojisans and Obasans Can’t Stop Loving Aikatsu! and PriPara!


Have you ever heard of the anime “Aikatsu!”? It should sound familiar to anime otaku, but it’s not something you would openly admit if you know that Aikatsu was originally a project targeting young girls under the age of 10 years old. Yet, it is very popular among both female and male adults as they have adopted a specific identity known as “Aikatsu Ojisan” for male Aikatsu fans, and “Aikatsu Onēsan or Obasan” for female fans, used to express the creepy and pitiful image of them playing the game in game centers while surrounded by little girls. In Japanese, Ojisan (literally “uncle”) is commonly used to refer to men in their mid 30’s to 50’s. Onēsan (literally “big sister”) is used to refer to young women up until their mid 20’s and Obasan (literally “aunt”) is used for women in their 30’s to 50’s.

This article will explain “Aikatsu” and other works that attract these Ojisan, as well as the pros and cons of being an Ojisan.


Aikatsu!, abbreviated from the words Idol (which Japanese people read as “Aidoru”) and Katsudou (meaning activity) is an arcade card game and anime with a catchphrase of “National Idol Audition game and anime”. The broadcast of the anime was unexpectedly popular compared to the card game. The combination of a bright and courageous story, similar to that of a sports manga, humor that appealed to all ages, development of charming and compelling characters, as well as high quality music by MONACA (a group of music producers who have created music for many famous anime) ended up attracting large numbers of adult fans to this anime about idols.

Instead of activating the card game first and solidifying their intended fanbase of young girls before the anime was broadcast, because it had become popular with adults as well, Aikatsu Ojisan and Obasan were often spotted in department stores mixed in with the crowds of small girls or in game centers during odd hours of the day. The adults playing these games are called as Aikatsu! Ojisan and Obasan. Normal young girls who play Aikatsu! are called “Youjo Senpai” by Aikatsu! Ojisan expressing their respect toward the actual targets of Aikatsu!


Aikatsu! Game

Aikatsu! Game and the cards

Aikatsu! Game and the cards

The players get one card by entering 100 yen to the machine. The players can save data, such as personal characters or game results, by buying an IC card. Aikatsu! is a game where you can create your own character like an avatar and play with it. The outfits can be scanned from the card which includes many original brands. Aikatsu! is a rhythm game where you push buttons on the screen in time with the music as it plays. It is possible to become a number 1 idol by increasing the number of times you play and raising the scores that you get each time you do. The game is currently available in Japan and Indonesia. Aikatsu! recently announced a huge change for the anime and game with “Aikatsu! Stars”! The anime will start in April of 2016 with the game to be released in May!

…What is the another work that produced Ojisan...?

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