Rock, Dance, and Everything in Between: Idols of All Kinds Assemble for @JAM the Field vol. 7

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Rock, Dance, and Everything in Between: Idols of All Kinds Assemble for @JAM the Field vol. 7

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On February 1st, @JAM the Field vol. 7 brought together a diverse selection of idol groups for one day at TSUTAYA O-EAST.

Idol Renaissance opened the event in a white flash with the choreography and vocal skills that have made them one of the newest groups to follow in the idol scene. In addition to closing with crowd favorite “17-sai”, they also performed “YOU”, the bouncy piano lead track of their first single with their new label T-Palette Records (release date: March 24).

Idol Renaissance
1. YOU
2. 17-sai

With Idol Renaissance acting as the MCs, members from all of the groups participating assembled on stage to greet the sold out audience. Azusa Sekine from UPUPGIRLS (KARI) teased that they might preform one of their new songs. Nicho Halo attempted to recruit Ayano Hosaka as a member since it was her last day as a member of GALETTe and “threatened” to lock the doors so no one would leave during their performance.

Lovely★DOLL hit the stage in pastel-colored outfits with matching bootlaces, clapping rapidly to start with the fast-paced “Whatcha Gonna” before sending hearts racing with the finger wagging and pointing of “☆U☆”. Nearly drowned out by the chanting of their fans during “Kiseki”, Lovely★DOLL took their breath away with the bewitching “Bitter Choco Valentine” as the stage was bathed in deep pink lights. Maya Ashizaki’s tiny hat had gradually become unfastened from her hair and eventually fell to her feet as Lovely★DOLL ended their energetic set with the hard rocking “High Jump!” and old fan favorite “Nagare Boshi”.

1. Whatcha Gonna
2. ☆U☆
3. Kiseki
4. Bitter Choco Valentine
5. High Jump!
6. Nagare Boshi

Younapi hoped that the audience would remember Yurumerumo! as they were going home but, if you saw them, it would be difficult to forget such an unconventional performance. Dressed in grey jumpsuits, they danced freely and Ano even dove off the stage. With songs like “Nami ga nai Hi” that combine Caribbean steel drums, dubstep bass wobbles, and school chimes, the etherial dark wave of “NNN”, the Kraftwerkesque synth pop of “Sukiyaki”, idol samba of “Be Zero”, and chaotic alternative/new wave rock of “Tabi no Shitaku”, to call Yurumerumo! diverse would be an understatement.

1. Nami ga nai Hi
2. Sukiyaki
3. NNN
4. Be Zero
5. Tabi no Shitaku

Starting with “photograph” lyrical school took fans back to their early, getting them turned up, waving their hands in the air and nodding their heads to their old school beats. Despite single digit temperatures outside, it got so hot inside that the air conditioners had to be turned up during “FRESH!!” to compensate for all the jumping and shouting.

lyrical school
1. photograph
2. Put Your Hands Up!
3. Oide yo
5. Maybe Love
6. FRESH!!!

It was the last day for Ayano Hosaka in GALETTe and she was sent off in grand fashion with the entire venue glowing red as the entire audience waved penlights during their last song. Yui Komori teased Hosaka about holding it together but it was Komori that ended up breaking down and being overcome with emotion as early as their fifth song “Candy Pop”.

1. Brand-New Style
2. G
3. She is WANNABE!
4. Dance Floor☆Fever
5. Candy Pop
6. Jaja Uma to Yobanaide

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