Violinist Beauty Machi Okabe Releases Major Debut Album Neo Nostalgia

美人バイオリニスト、岡部磨知がメジャーデビューアルバム『Neo Nostalgia』を発売
Violinist Beauty Machi Okabe Releases Major Debut Album Neo Nostalgia

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Okabe, who as attracted much attention over her stunning beauty, released her debut CD, Neo Nostalgia, on November 12nd.
美しすぎるバイオリニストとして話題を集めている岡部磨知が、アルバム『Neo Nostalgia』で11月12日にCDデビューを飾った。

Here’s a clip of one track off of her new album, “Lovin’ You”:

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Okabe began playing the violin at the age of three, joined the music department in high school, and graduated from Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music. While attending school, and in addition to giving performances, she was involved in a wide range of activities, including modeling work. She’s worked with famous artists such as Kana Nishino, Dragon Ash, and AAA during concerts, recordings, and events as both a soloist and arranger.
3歳よりバイオリンを始め、高校の音楽家、音楽大学を卒業。在学中より演奏はもちろんモデルの仕事まで幅広く活動していた彼女。西野カナ、Dragon Ash, AAAを始め様々有名アーティストのライブ、レコーディング、イベントにソリスト、アレンジャーとして参加。

The provided music for the house album PIANO DANCE, which continuously held the number one spot on the iTunes dance chart. Her string arrangement and cover of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” off her second album in the series, PIANO DANCE 2, became a hot topic. She also performed the ending theme song to the variety TV show Gokikenyou, and has had a hand in a diverse range of other work.
自らの楽曲を提供したhouseアルバム「pianodance」は、発売以来itunesダンスチャートで連続して1位を獲得。第二弾アルバム「pianodance2」ではcoldplayのviva la vidaを弦アレンジ&カバーして話題になった。またバラエティ番組「ごきげんよう」のエンディング曲を演奏するなど、幅広く精力的に活動している。

Machi Okabe has been referred to as, “a violinist who plays as if she were singing, with touching sense of new-wave nostalgia.” Already going beyond the boundaries of a normal violinist, we anticipate her future success in a number of fields.

Neo Nostalgia / Tracks Included
Neo Nostalgia 収録曲

1 Lovin’ You / Minnie Riperton (1974)
2 I Like Chopin / Gazebo(1983)
3 シェリーに口づけ Tout, Tout Pour Ma Chérie / Michel Polnareff(1971)
4 Smile Again / オリジナル
5 Hatsuyuki / オリジナル
6 Miniature Garden / オリジナル
7 Yesterday Once More / Carpenters(1973)
8 あなたのとりこ Irrésistiblement / Sylvie Vartan(1968)
9 明日に架ける橋 Bridge Over Troubled Water / Simon & Garfunkel(1970)
10 雨にぬれても Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head / B. J. Thomas(1969)
11 Just the Two of Us / Grover Washington, Jr.(1980)
12 Whisper V-birds (SE)
13 I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing / Aerosmith(1998)

Machi Okabe’s Official Website:


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