Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 Must See: 7 Big Names

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Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 Must See: 7 Big Names

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With Tokyo Idol Festival being extended to 3 days in 2016 and the number of groups/soloists expanding to 275, planning who to see is a difficult proposition for many. Of course, these are not all of the groups/artists that we are looking forward to seeing over the weekend but, (in alphabetical order) here are some of our (fairly obvious) suggestions when it comes to some of the most famous groups/soloists who will be appearing on stage for a limited time only!

AKB48 Team 8


The “idols who go to meet you” are making their first appearance at Tokyo Idol Festival this year! While there may be some still unfamiliar with all of the members, be assured that they have been working hard since their formation to deliver the best performances possible from the 47 prefectures of Japan!

August 5, 2016 (Friday) – Smile Garden 10:00am – 10:30am
August 5, 2016 (Friday) – Hot Stage 4:05pm – 4:35pm



The second of the 46 groups burst upon the scene lead by young Yurina Hirate and supported by a “Silent Majority” as they topped the Oricon charts with their debut single. Perhaps one of the most exciting new groups of 2015, they’ll be at Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 for 2 days with 2 performances at Smile Garden! We won’t be surprised if some fans end up going to nearby Telecom Center and try to recreate the choreography from “Kataru nara Mirai wo…” at some point over the weekend.

August 6, 2016 (Saturday) – Smile Garden (11:25am – 11:50am)
August 6, 2016 (Saturday) – Hot Stage (7:25pm – 7:55pm)
August 7, 2016 (Sunday) – Ship Stage (10:00am – 10:30am)
August 7, 2016 (Sunday) – Smile Garden (5:35pm – 6:05pm)

Kobushi Factory


One of the breakthrough groups of Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, Kobushi Factory showed why they were fast tracked to a major debut right after they were formed with a string of triple A-side singles that only got stronger and stronger as time went by. Having missed out on them at TIF 2015 and having seen them recently as the opening act for ANGERME and Morning Musume 16.’s Nippon Budokan concerts, that mistake will not be made again! They’re definitely one of the brightest shining new stars of Hello! Project so be double sure to go see them!

August 5, 2016 (Friday) – Sky Stage (3:25pm – 3:40pm)
August 5, 2016 (Friday) – Hot Stage (6:35pm – 7:05pm)

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