Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released September 2016

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Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released September 2016

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Even with September signaling the beginning of autumn according to many, the temperatures did not fall that much, and with the humidity of the lingering monsoon season, it’s not quite yet time to break out the sweaters and head for the hot pot restaurants.

The month opened with some big releases from HKT48 and Momoiro Clover Z but big concerts seemed to take the spotlight with BABYMETAL’s 2 days at Tokyo Dome, the return of LADYBABY without Ladybeard, and @JAM EXPO moving to Makuhari Messe for 2 days. As a result, there are probably quite a few MVs left off the list for September 2016.

Here are 8 of our favorite MVs for songs released in September of 2016 listed in chronological order according to their release date.

HKT48 – “Saiko kayo” (release date: September 7)

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Hana Matsuoka is thrust into the spotlight for a song which seemed like an inevitability as soon as Rino Sashihara was transferred to HKT48. The lyrics are made up mostly of the MIX and other chants that idol fans shout during idol songs! It’s educational as well as entertaining!

HKT48 Official site:

Momoiro Clover Z – “The Golden History” (release date: September 7)

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Momoiro Clover Z continues to surprise their fans and this time even the members as they are thrown completely unprepared into the filming of “The Golden History” which combines elements of an obstacle course and game show with a concert!

Momoiro Clover Z Official site:

Color Pointe – “Rainy Princess” (release date: September 14)

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Color Pointe may not get as much attention as other groups but, 2016 has been particularly productive for them as “PAINT NIGHTMARE” is their second album of the year. Combining ballet with elements of rock and electro-pop and retro-futuristic fashion, they are unlike any dance/vocal group active in Japan (or anywhere in the world?)!

Niji no Conquistador – “Kagirinaku Bouken ni Chikai Summer” (release date: September 20)

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Niji no Conquistador continue where they left off with 2015’s “THE☆Uchouten Summer!!” by going all the way down to Okinawa for a summer adventure. It feels a bit strange to be mentioning the MV for “Kagirinaku Bouken ni Chikai Summer” now since it was released months before the actual CDs were available.

Niji no Conquistador Official site:

Babyraids JAPAN – “Ride On IDOROCK” (release date: September 21)

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Having gone through several changes since becoming Babyraids JAPAN at the end of 2014, it seems like they have found a powerful balance of cute and aggressive just like the tigers that had been a large part of their early days. Also worth a few (or many) listens is “Cinderella ja Irarenai”, another new song from their 2nd album “Nippon Chu!Chu!Chu!”. We just hope the stupid people who have been throwing cyalumes during performances of “Yoake Brand New Days” would grow up already because it’s not safe or amusing.

Babyraids JAPAN Official site:

Yufu Terashima – “Watashi ni Naru” (release date: September 21)

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Yufu Terashima enters the world of Japanese morning drama serials in the SumiNemu (Smith and Nemu Yumemi) directed MV for the titled track for her long-awaited album “Watashi ni Naru”. It might be the most epic MV featuring pancakes ever?

Yufu Terashima Official site:

Country Girls – “Namida no Request” (release date: September 28)

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Country Girls keep the cruise down memory lane rocking with another pair of retro tunes for their 4th single. While the infectious foot-stomping rockabilly “Dou Datte Iino” will definitely get stuck in your head and even has a smartphone MV, their cover of The Checkers’ hit “Namida no Request” with Nanami Yanagawa playing the saxophone is hard to beat!

Country Girls Official site:

Rock x Idol x Pro Wrestling x Hero Group Category

Natsu no Mamono – “Mirai wa Boruka no Kaze ga Fuku” (release date: September 7)

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Obviously there is only one group that combines idols, rockers, pro wrestlers, and heros together like Natsu no Mamono but, it seemed a bit out of place to just put them in with the rest of the idols and artists. While the love quadrilateral in “Koi no Tengoku wa Kemomamo Heart” was pretty compelling, the meta humor of “Mirai wa Boruka no Kaze ga Fuku” is just too much! This song is good. Singing brings joy and revitalization of the human soul.

Natsu no Mamono Official site:

We definitely know that there were a lot more notable MVs for songs that were released in September of 2016 that we may have not even been able to introduce, much less analyze and evaluate thoroughly so, please let us know which ones you felt that should have been included in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!

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