SUPER☆GiRLS Surprise Announcement of New Single With Nana Asakawa as Center!

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SUPER☆GiRLS Surprise Announcement of New Single With Nana Asakawa as Center!

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The 3rd chapter of the SUPER☆GiRLS story took a surprising turn when they announced Nana Asakawa as the center of their upcoming single “Koi☆Kirameke-tion!!!” during their sold out one-man live “SUPER☆GiRLS Super Live 2016 ~STARTING~ @AKASAKA BLITZ” on September 29, 2016!


Beginning with “Love Summer!!!”, the first single by the renewed 14-member lineup of SUPER☆GiRLS, the steamy start continued with “Puri Puri♥SUMMER Kiss”, “Icchatte♪ Yacchatte♪”, and “MAX! Otome Gokoro”. Even though the calendar indicated that September was almost over, the energy bursting forth from the fans made it feel as if summer would never end.


The 3rd generation members remained on stage to perform “Koi wa Shoshinsha Mark”, keeping spirits high. The 1st and 2nd generation members followed close behind with “Ren’ai Manifest” and all 14 members joined together as the mood cooled with “Mune Kyun Love Song” and “Gomenne. no Tonari de” before a video documenting the first meeting of the 3rd generation members played on the screen.


Returning after an outfit change, SUPER☆GiRLS lit up the audience once again with a string of their high-octane “Supa-Ga Rock” (term used to describe SUPER☆GiRLS’ style of upbeat songs) tunes: “Karei Naru V!CTORY”, “Joshiryoku ←Paradise”, “Gira Gira Revolution”, and “Akai Jonetsu”. This was followed up by another video showing the first summer experiences of the 3rd generation members but, with the words “a new development!” (新たな展開!, arata na tenkai!) appearing on the screen at the end, fans who had witnessed 3 members graduate since 2015 were struck silent. However, their fears quickly turned to elation as the “new development” was the announcement of a new single!


The new song “Koi☆Kirameke-tion!!!” (恋☆煌メケーション!!!), which would be released on December 21st, was then performed for the first time, with Nana Asakawa, the “once in 1,000 years ‘baby-faced huge breasts’ (童顔巨乳, dougan kyonyuu)”, as the center member.


Riding a groundswell of energy to end the live with another blast of fan favorites “Rave Together!!!”, Niji-iro Star☆”, “Kira・Pure・POWER!”, and “JOY! & JOY!!”, SUPER☆GiRLS jogged off the stage as the house lights went dark. After another video where the members commented on which kanji character they felt best summed up the group. Returning, SUPER☆GiRLS performed the sentimental “Be with you” before sending the fans home on a high note with the exhilirating “Miracle ga Tomannai!”

“Koi☆Kirameke-tion!!!”, which commemorates the 6th anniversary of SUPER☆GiRLS’s major label debut (December 22, 2010) will be accompanied by a one-man live at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall. Is it too early to hope that this new development is the kind of thing that only happens once every 1,000 years? With Nana Asakawa as the center member, it might be safe to assume so.

Set List

01 Love Summer!!!
02 Puri Puri♥SUMMER Kiss
03 Icchatte♪ Yacchatte♪
04 MAX! Otome Gokoro
05 Koi wa Shoshinsha Mark
06 Ren’ai Manifest
07 Mune Kyun Love Song
08 Gomenne. no Tonari de
09 Karei Naru V!CTORY
10 Joshiryoku ←Paradise
11 Gira Gira Revolution
12 Akai Jonetsu
13 Koi☆Kirameke-tion!!!
14 Rave Together!!!
15 NIJIIRO Star☆
16 Kira・Pure・POWER!
17 JOY! & JOY!!

E1 Be with you
E2 Miracle ga Tomannai!

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