Finally! Air Guitar Idol Group “Telepathy” to Make CD Debut!

Finally! Air Guitar Idol Group “Telepathy” to Make CD Debut!


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It’s one year since the formation in September, 2012, Telepathy will be releasing their first single on October 9th, finally!
Though their CD has been sold limitedly at music venues until now, it’s the first time that their sound source will be published in stores.

The debut single will feature double A-side tracks, “Telepathy Mirai” & “Telepathy Sekai.”
Telepathy Mirai is their newest song, on the other hand, Telepathy Sekai is their beloved theme song which has been performed many times from the formation.

Telepathy Mirai / MV (Short ver.)

Telepathy Sekai / MV (Short ver.)

Telepathy is the first unit derived from 「F.A.R.M」, the idol project by For Life Music Entertainment. They call themselves the world’s first air guitar idols.
Their most distinctive characteristic is the “air guitar performance”. Their style is slightly different from other air bands which pursues realism, but unique and energetic. They are aiming to spread the new type of “air guitar performance” to the world from this unit.
The unit’s name “Telepathy” was named by members themselves.  They put the concept, “To be a group connecting the heart and mind of man”, into the name.

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