The Return of Sayumi Michishige? Guess The Code In Her Blog!

The Return of Sayumi Michishige? Guess The Code In Her Blog!

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Recently, former member of Morning Musume., Sayumi Michishige, has been receiving attention for updating her blog regularly since October 2016. After taking a break from the entertainment world since her graduation concert on November 26, 2014, she has not appeared before her fans for almost 2 years.
She has updated her blog 6 times since October, and we are starting to see what looks like a coded message in the titles of her blog.


The first title of her blog since her hiatus was “Minasan”, following with “Chinami ni”, “Shingouki”, “Ge-mu”, “Sakana”, and “Yujufudan”. If you combine the first two letters of these words, it becomes “Michishige Sayu”.

As you may see, what’s receiving attention is not the content of the blog but the title and the number of days it takes until she updates her next blog. For example, there were 10 days between her first and second post, which became 9 days between her second and third, shortening up to 6 days until today. It clearly seems like a countdown of the comeback of Sayumi, and if the pattern continues as it has been, the day after her last countdown blog will be November 26, the day she graduated from Morning Musume 2 years ago. Thus, fans are guessing that there will be some kind of big announcement on that day!

img_Morning_Musume_Sayumi_Michishige_2We are guessing that the coming up words after “Michishige Sayumi” will be “Fukkatsu” or “Saisei”, which means revival or comeback.


Now, let us see what sentence will be by November 26, and we look forward for it to be a good announcement!

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