Sayumi Michishige to Release New Photobook “DREAM” on Her 29th Birthday

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Sayumi Michishige to Release New Photobook “DREAM” on Her 29th Birthday

On July 13 2018, Sayumi Michishige will release her new photo book “DREAM” for the first time in 3 years and 9 months. It will commemorate her 29th birthday, and the last year of her 20s. The photo book is entirely self-produced, shot in a variety of locations from Western-style houses and forests in Kawaguchiko to the streets of Los Angeles. Fans will get to see Michishige in different scenarios and costumes as she flaunts her characteristic combination of mature elegance and cuteness. Whether it’s by the sea or in a retro modern hotel, she makes every place look like it came out of a dream.

Michishige graduated from Morning Musume. in November 2014, going on hiatus for two years before making a comeback in the spring of 2017. Since then she’s been back and better than ever, and the upcoming photo book is just more proof that her cuteness has only increased. It will be her 12th photo book since her debut.

With this new release however, Michishige hopes to show that she’s not just about being cute. She firmly brands it as “otona-kawaii”—mature cute—as she expresses her desire for fans to share the dream she realized through the creation of her new book. The photo book will also include interviews about her hiatus and comeback, with Michishige sharing about her own present and future.

The release, being on the day of her birthday, will be a celebration for both Michishige and the fans. On July 14 there will also be a special commemorative event at Book First Shinjuku in Tokyo, where a handshake event will take place. It’s a rare opportunity to meet the eternally cute Sayumi Michishige in person, so be sure to preorder your book now!

Sayumi Michishige’s comment:

“When I got the offer for a photo book, I thought seriously about how to express the present me and the ways I could shoot it. The theme is…not just about being cute. It’s “mature-cute”. It’s what I aspire to be as someone whose eternal theme is cuteness. But given my age it’s impossible to keep going at everything with cuteness (laughs), so the content will have the mature cuteness appropriate of myself who is turning 29. With this photo book I got to fulfil my dreams of various scenarios and clothes I wanted to wear, so just like the title says it’s a “DREAM” to me. I also hope that when fans look at this book, it’ll be a “DREAM”-like time for them.”

The cover of Sayumi Michishige's upcoming photo book "DREAM".

The cover of Sayumi Michishige’s upcoming photo book “DREAM”.

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Event Information

Date and time: July 14, 2018, 1:00pm
Place: Book 1st Shinjuku (Tokyo)
Event website:

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