“Sanrio Danshi” Coming Right Up! The New Tactic of Sanrio Grabs Otaku Girls Again by Using School Boys!

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“Sanrio Danshi” Coming Right Up! The New Tactic of Sanrio Grabs Otaku Girls Again by Using School Boys!

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Sanrio has surprised us by expanding services that is beyond our image of the character company. Are we challenged by another category that Sanrio brought us suddenly?? The sudden tweet “Nice to meet you! Sanrio Danshi Common Twitter starts today!” with image of five illustrated boys by “Sanrio Danshi (Sanrio Boys)” Official Twitter account astonished many Japanese Twitter users. Even with a doubt if this is the official twitter account of Sanrio, this account continues still and the number of followers are increasing day by day. We analyzed the five boys using this account and the reason of their appearance!!


The Five Danshi-s Full of Girl Appeal

First, let us introduce each boys using original images!!






Who and What Are They For?

From the tweets, we understand how the boys are very close to each other and spends time a lot together. It is rare that character tweets together in a same account. For example, occasional Twitter account of Uta no Prince Sama was made for each characters.

By having one account for each characters, the characters’ personality is appealed and the followers can focus on one’s favorite character. However, Sanrio Danshi might want to use the tool to become like a couple combined account, which is popular among Japanese couples. The couples use the same account to show that they are together and leave memories that can be shared together. Sanrio Danshi, yet not couples (and wish it might be…), are just like that to appeal the amicable friend group.

Also, Sanrio Danshi also have a producer account which is very unnatural since they are not idol groups. Instead of producing them, the producer account tweets on the products that the boys have tweeted or used in the picture. This proves that boys are product introducing characters controlled by Sanrio.


The purpose might be the advertisement of the goods, but we have to watch out with careful eyes that Sanrio might bring out with the Sanrio Danshi. The Kirimi chan Personification Project has already started and the late night anime SHOW BY ROCK produced by Sanrio is also coming out again that speeds up Sanrio for stepping into the forefront Japanese subculture. Sanrio danshi’s popularity among girls is increasing and we have discovered fervent fans of them!! Founder of the kawaii culture, Sanrio won’t stop its heat of creating new culture, so don’t miss out the latest information that might come up sooner or later!

Sanrio Danshi Twitter Account:
Sanrio Danshi Producer Twitter Account:

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