Be Greeted By Gudetama And Cute Maids At Akihabara’s Gudetama Maid Cafe

Be Greeted By Gudetama And Cute Maids At Akihabara’s Gudetama Maid Cafe

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As unenthusiastic as Gudetama might be about his worldwide fame and the numerous facilities that have been themed after him, the lazy egg has nonetheless stepped foot into new territory — Akihabara maid cafes. Now until February 28th, 2017, Akihabara’s popular maid cafe @home cafe will be teaming up with Sanrio’s beloved protein for an adorable mix of kawaii and relatable lethargy, serving Gudetama-themed dishes and goods offered by cute, bubbly maids.

This first-ever Gudetama-themed maid cafe comes two years after a similar collaboration with Hello Kitty back in the summer of 2015. This time around, guests will find dishes that feature Gudetama in his most deliciously sluggish state.

Mouthwatering dishes include:

Stressful Society Udon ~I’ll Worry When I’m Awake~

Japanese Culture!? Waterfall Training Pudding

Let Me Sleep Like This Forever Sandwich ~A Maid In My Dreams~

Like most other themed cafes, customers will receive little souvenirs to take home with them. At the Gudetama maid cafe, all guests will get a free Gudetama placemat!

There will also be a variety of colorful Gudetama goods, including original pin badges, keychains, and accessory pouches.

For visitors and locals looking to get a unique taste of Japanese kawaii culture, the Gudetama maid cafe is undoubtedly a spot that’s worth the visit (or ten visits!) this winter.

@home cafe×Gudetama Maid Cafe
Open until February 28th, 2017
Address: 1-11-4 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Mitsuwa Bldg. 6F
Hours: 11:30AM〜10PM/Weekdays, 10:30〜10PM/Weekends&Holidays
Closed Wednesdays
@home cafe Official Website

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