Popular Magazine Models Resolve Our ‘Purikura’ Troubles! The New Group ‘Puri Ranger’ is Only in Action for a Limited Time

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Popular Magazine Models Resolve Our ‘Purikura’ Troubles! The New Group ‘Puri Ranger’ is Only in Action for a Limited Time

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When talking about Japan’s girls pop culture, ‘Purikura’, or ‘Puri’ for short (‘instant photo stickers’) sub-culture is sure to come to mind! In order to promote the new ‘Purikura’model ‘Sugar femme’, the six person group ‘Puri Ranger’ has been formed!

The group comprises of 6 of the magazine world’s trending models; Suzuki Aya, Yoshiki Chisato, Maeda Nozomi, Matsumoto Reika, Fujita Nikoru and Kondo Yoji. The group will action for a limited-time only (March 1st to August 31st) and has been formed in order to resolve some of the key troubles that users have had.


Aya Suzuki


Chisato Yoshiki


Nozomi Maeda

Matsumoto Reika

Matsumoto Reika


Nikoru Fujita


Yoji Kondo

Firstly, from March 1st users will be able to read featured articles relating to making use of one’s strong points during ‘Purikura’ such as ‘Worries relating to poses during photo shoots with friends’ and ‘An introduction to drawing techniques with other people’ via the ‘Purikura’photo sharing website ‘picto link’. In addition, events relating to proposed solutions to troubles regarding ‘Purikura’ machines and introductions to various techniques will be held in 5 locations across the country, including Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Hokkaido. Have any of you TGU readers taken ‘Purikura’ before and felt troubled by something? If so, you’d best be sure to check out the ‘Pictlink’ website or one of the events soon to take place.

In addition, with the ‘Purikura’ machine ‘Sugar femme’ in one touch you’ll be able to insert various arts that have been especially designed by the ‘Puri Ranger’ group. What kind of designs will be available from this group? Well you’ll just have to wait until the release so make sure you mark those calendars!
On Sunday February 1st a new website dedicated to the ‘Puri Ranger’ was made available for viewing and can be reached here:

Event Details
• Monday, March 30th:
At the Tokyo venue, ‘Puri Ranger’ will be conducting their event in the first part of the event ‘LOOP’, which will be held by the magazine model group ‘DOCUMO BOYS&GIRLS’. Visitors of the event will be able to take instant photos using the latest model ‘Sugar Femme’. In addition, one lucky customer at the event will even have the chance to take photos with the ‘Puri Ranger’ group. There are also plans for the event to be carried out in Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Hokkaido.
*More details regarding how to participate in the event at the Tokyo venue as well as other event details will be publicized on the FuRyu official website. Details are also likely to be published on the following FuRyu social networking sites below:

Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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