8 Unique Things in Japan You Won’t See Anywhere Else!

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8 Unique Things in Japan You Won’t See Anywhere Else!

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Japan is known for being a “unique” country with some interesting places or things that cannot be found in other countries. Despite Japan offering these wondrous things, many people still haven’t heard or seen these things. So here is a list of some that you might notice while in the country.

Guards Uniquejapan6

Whether it’s for high brand shops, restricted areas or just in stations or temples to help during rush hour times, they are everywhere! In a way, it is a good thing to have all of this law enforcement as they are also making themselves visible to reassure citizens and doing their jobs properly by being on standby around these areas.



Purikura is a photo booth where people can go to take pictures together, edit them with funny images and words and print them out to keep as memories. Depending on the booth, it can cost between much as ¥200 – ¥400. Other countries such as Hong Kong and the U.K. have certain places similar however the prices can range for more from ¥500 – ¥1000. It’s a little fun thing to do with your friends and loved ones!

Bathroom Control Panel


This has always been an interesting function in the houses as in most Western countries, the feature is not available. You may have encountered the speaking digital control panel in the bathroom. The button enables you to set the temperature to keep your bath or shower water warm as well as the water volume level.

Host Clubs


One of the most talked about places around the world. Host clubs provide customers a place the chance to sit down with the female or male host of their choice and talk. It is said that many people come to host clubs and see these hosts or hostesses as a listener to their problems and worries. Others come regularly to see their favourites and get given a variety of luxurious gifts. But in order to enjoy their company, you must buy expensive drinks such as champagne and sake.



This is another cool feature to houses that I really liked as it is not only an air conditioner but also a heater. As earthquakes happen quite frequently in Japan, having wall heaters are quite dangerous. Therefore the aircon is a convenient house product to have for all seasons. There are other options on the aircon remote that enable you to select the temperature, the fan circulation and speed.

Vending Machines 


Vending machines are there whenever you need them from warm beverages in the winter to snacks on the go. Unlike in other countries where they are almost always out of order or damaged, customers feel comfortable using them knowing that vending machines are always being refilled and used.

Face Masks


Although other Asian countries wear these, it seems to be an everyday thing in Japan recently. Most people wear face masks when they have a cold or cough and since actions of blowing your nose is considered rude, it is easier to do it while wearing a face mask as well. Also back in 2003, companies such as Unicharm developed a face mask designed for people with hayfever. But for the ones who don’t, some Japanese people wear them just to look unapproachable or to prevent getting sick.

Maid Cafes


Another talked about place is maid cafes. They are famous for young girls serving people in maid cafes. The maids will sing, play games and take pictures with you depending on the cafe and set you choose. Although by personal experience, the price can be expensive and the atmosphere is awkward. But there are many people flocking to Akihabara in Tokyo for example and other places for the maid cafe experience.

Photos by Nyasha

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