Rina Ikoma Wants Fans to See Her Vomit? Corpse Party Premiere Report

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Rina Ikoma Wants Fans to See Her Vomit? Corpse Party Premiere Report

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Rina Ikoma of Nogizaka 46 along with Ryosuke Ikeoka, Nozomi Maeda, JUN (BEE SHUFFLE)、Yoko Kita (3min.), Ryotaro, director Masafumi Yamada, and series creator Makoto Kedoin attended a premiere event for the live action film adaptation for “Corpse Party” at Cine Libre in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on August 2, 2015.


Rina Ikoma’s comment: “When I heard from Nogizaka fans that it was really scary, I felt that my name would be connected to a scary summer memory.”

When asked about what to watch for during the film, Ikoma replied, “The scene where I’m vomiting. If it wasn’t for the movie, I wouldn’t show anyone that sort of thing.”

Nozomi Maeda’s comment: “I was relieved when I would see comments like ‘she’s a good fit for Ayumi’ on Twitter.”

Maeda asked viewers to look out for the scene where she lights the match since it was the first time that she had done it.

Yoko Kita’s comment on scenes to pay attention to: “There’s this one scene where everyone is gathered to perform a spell in front of the school festival. The sense of camaraderie among the cast is really noticeable in that scene.”


Series creator Makoto Kedoin really felt like the characters that he had developed and raised had finally become reality with the making of the film. He also was happy that the fans of the game series had received news about Corpse Party becoming a live-action movie with a warm reception. Director Masafumi Yamada praised Ikoma for showing a range of expressions during the filming, noting that they had talked extensively about the fine tuning of minor nuances in her character necessary for someone in her first starring role.

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