Sudden Shock! Saki Takeda and Yumi Nakano to Graduate From palet at December 28th Live!

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Sudden Shock! Saki Takeda and Yumi Nakano to Graduate From palet at December 28th Live!

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It was announced that Saki Takeda, one of the original members of the group, Yumi Nakano, the youngest member in the group, will graduate from palet, during their Teiki Kouen “Friday’s evening is ~palet time! palet’s 7th challenge” at Akihabara Cultures Theatre, on December 11th. The announcement was suddenly made after they performed the first encore song “Arigatou”.

The fans have got shocked and confused, but everyone there had strong feeling to see what is happening. They finished their concert “All for One”, the song that all the current palet members’ single title. “All for One” is an energetic song singing about their bright and hopeful future, but the announcement they made their fans to have ambivalent feelings seemed not be able to catch up the song’s positivity, as so many groups’ memories from the past came up to their mind.

Saki Takeda started her idol career as a part of PASSPO☆Kouhosei, and she has been a original member of palet until now.
Yumi Nakano joined palet as a new member from “palet 2nd Anniversary Live” held in June, 2014 at Shinjuku BLAZE.

Nakano’s leg injury she suffering from before got worse, and judged it’s difficult for her to continue her idol activity that needs dance performance. She is starting over to be a solo singer that is her longed dream.
Takeda decided her graduation for taking a look at herself again. She is thinking about studying abroad as well.

The real intention of the two members is below.


Saki Takeda’s Comment

I, Saki Takeda, will graduate from palet at the year end live.
Three years have passed since palet was formed; I was 16 years old at the time and was allowed to be active as an idol for the past 4 years. As I turned 20 and reached a critical turning point in my life, I began to think very seriously about my future, coming to this decision after consulting with many people at my agency about what I should do. After graduating, I plan to follow my dream of studying abroad, learning about the language and music, directly experiencing the culture, returning to Japan after I have grown as a person and expanded my horizons. I will do my best to make sure that I can stand before you all again.

I apologize deeply for making this announcement at this time.

There is not much time left until the graduation but I will treasure the remaining days that I have and run with all the strength that I have until the very end so, I ask for your continued support. I want to create the greatest memories on December 28th. By all means, please come to see me on that day.


Yumi Nakano’s Comment

I, Yumi Nakano will graduate from palet at the year end live on December 28th.

Due to the lingering pain in my previously injured leg having worsened during this summer’s national tour, continuing to perform as a member of palet has become severely difficult. Thinking about the surgery and rehabilitation ahead, and what I would do from this point on as well as in the future, I have decided to work towards my long-held dream of becoming a solo singer. With those feelings having grown stronger, I will graduate from palet and work my hardest so that I can sing for you all again in the future. I deeply apologize for making this sudden announcement but I will do my best as Yumi Nakano of palet until the end of the December 28th live so I ask you to support me until the very end.

palet just announced that they will welcome new member(s) at the previous regular performance held on November 27th.
On June, this year, Mitsuki Kimijima and Mizuki Kimoto graduated from the group. On July, Mayu Watanabe joined palet as a concurrent member between 3min. Then, palet put a successful end on their 7 cities tour in current 6 members formantion.

The Akasaka Blitz performance to be held on December 28th will be emotional that is not only because it is their largest capacity concert but also everything will move you. Don’t miss it…

palet 6th SINGLE “All for One”

Live concert information

palet LIVE 2015 Nenmatsu Special!!
Date : December 28th
Venue : Akasaka BLITZ
Open/18:00 Start/18:30


All for One / palet

All for One / palet

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