Graduation Announcement of Keyakizaka46 Neru Nagahama. Her Words From Official Blog Arrived

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Graduation Announcement of Keyakizaka46 Neru Nagahama. Her Words From Official Blog Arrived

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Neru Nagahama, group member of Keyakizaka46 announced her graduation on March 7th, 2019 through her blog post. Their latest single “Kuroi Hitsuji” is her last piece, and her specific graduation schedule will be announced soon.

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Her blog entry is the below.

Title: Announcement, 335

Good evening, everyone.

I have an important announcement to tell.

Three years are about to past from entering the group in November, 2015.

Everyday is filled with new encounter and fun experience surrounded with my beloved people.

I always wonder if I am dreaming a never ending dream or not.

The three years past so fast as if I am running… running like a flash light, which I have never experienced in the past 16 years.

When I cut any moment out from my memories at Keyakizaka46, all are bright and exciting moments like an illusion.

It is a sudden announcement, but I am graduating Keyakizaka46 with our 8th single “Kuroi Shitsuji”.

I moved to Tokyo when I was in my second year of high school and first entered Hiragana Keyaki that was also filled with sparkling memories.

I strongly believe that my special treasure will be the encounter with the members.
They are lovely endearing people that I would like to connect from now on and forever.
Thank you guys.

People who found us from this huge and wide world,

People who are watching over us with warm heart,

Fans of Keyakizaka46 who are thinking about us in any situation,

People who inspired us throughout our job,

there is so much to say that I cannot write it all,

that I want to thank every people who supported me… every people!

Thank you for coloring “Neru Nagahama” who was an ordinary girl.

My appreciation can’t be expressed out 100% by words,
but I want to thank from my heart.

If idol Neru Nagahama is inside someone’s heart, I am happy.
The time that I spent with my fans will be my pride forever.

And, lastly I want to deeply thank Miss Marika Ito,
who is a catalyst of my idol life.

I also, and of course want to appreciate my family for watching over me.
Thank you always.

Starting from this week, my last hand shaking meeting will start.
I apologize for the sudden announcement, but please come visit me on

March 9th at Makuhari Messe
March 16th at Port Messe Nagoya
March 21st at Intex Osaka.

Everyone is welcome and I will be waiting for all of my fans.

Solo handshaking meeting will be announced sooner or later,
so please wait for the specific info!

About the activity after graduating is “not promised”.
I want to think about it in a relaxed way, but live wholeheartedly.

Thank you for finding me.

Please keep unchanged care of Keyakizaka46 and Hinatazaka46.

Thank you for reading.

Neru Nagahama

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