Time to Change: palet Prepares to Ascend to the NEXT DIMENSION in 2017!

ライブレポ:palet 井草里桜菜ラストライブで誓った次世代への再出発
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Time to Change: palet Prepares to Ascend to the NEXT DIMENSION in 2017!

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palet bid farewell to 2016 and Riona Igusa during their one-man live “palet LIVE 2016 ~NEXT DIMENSION~” at Shinjuku BLAZE on December 24th, 2016. Even though it was Christmas Eve, the venue was packed with “painters” (fans) that had gathered to witness an evening to remember.

palet kicked off the performance with their winter anthem “SNOW DISTANCE”, their performance giving off the beautiful and bittersweet images of the holiday season. The expression on Riona’s face was stoic, as if she was trying to hide the emotions deep in her heart on her final day as an idol. The chilly mood hung in the air as the performance continued with “LOVE WINTER MEMORIES” and “I miss you”.




After they did their self-introductions, Rito Ichinose looked back on the year since she joined palet by commenting, “I want to let the self that I was 1-2 years ago know that I have a lot of fun doing live performances on stage”. In regards to her graduation, Riona shared, “I spent four and a half years in palet. Have fun with us today! Everyone might be a dead body at the end of this live!”. Her words became a trigger which set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Continuing with “Shake My Soul”, palet stirred up the emotions of the painters.


After a video introducing the theme “members’ Christmas party” was screened, palet returned to the stage dressed in Santa outfits. They covered “Koibito ga Santa Claus”, a famous Christmas song originally sung by Yumi Matsutoya, giving the painters another chance to see it since the time that Hiraguchi, Fujimoto, and Igusa performed the same song four years prior (March 2012).



They continued the Santa girl performance singing “YUBIKIRI”, a ballad which palet has been performing since their indies era. After a quick outfit change, palet raced towards the future with a 14-song nonstop set.




As the impassioned performance continued, the smiles on the faces of the members on stage did not change. Even as they moved fiercely through the formations, Haruka Koiso and Rito showed off the rapid growth they had experienced in a year. Even though they later admitted to have harbored anxiety about being able to keep up with the other members of palet when they first joined, all lingering doubts seemed to have been removed. Witnessing how Haruka and Rito had matured into having the same presence as the lead members, and Mayu Watanabe graduating from 3min. to devote herself fully to palet, I could feel the arrival of a new spectrum of colors as they moved towards their NEXT DIMENSION.

Even as the performance kept advancing without pausing, the breathing of palet’s 6 members seemingly synced together, Riona kept a smile on her face. It was not just “palet as usual” but, as if before my very eyes, their ultimate stage was unfolding!



The set list which with each song firmly tied together the history of palet, a group which had experienced many member changes drew to a close with “Believe in Yourself”. With its call and response of “Makenaide!” (Don’t give up!) and “Daijoubu!” (It’s alright!) combined with it being the major label debut song which Miyuki Hiraguchi, Yui Fujimoto, and Riona shared, it was an emotional symbolic end to the trio’s four and a half years together. Overcome by emotion, Yui struggled to keep her composure as tears flowed down her cheeks, her sorrow spreading to the other members as they sang with tears in their eyes.

Catching their breath and drying their eyes, palet sent off Riona with the ballad “Arigatou”.


As memorable scenes of Riona’s time in palet flashed across the screen at the back of the stage, the voices of the members and painters alike reverberated throughout Shinjuku BLAZE.


A “Riona!” encore call started up as soon as the members left the stage. Right when palet returned to start “You are My Miracle”, the glow of purple cyalumes (Riona’s color) filled the venue, a fitting scene as Riona’s beautiful girlish voice floated gently through the air to begin the song of pure love.



Stopping to address the audience, Riona admitted, “Even coming this far (the encore), I don’t feel like I’m graduating.Because everyone is here, I was able to see myself as an idol, and I am so happy to be able to stand here in front of you all. There were so many fun experiences over the past four and a half years. Thank you very much.”


“This is the first song that the 6 of us released.”

Yui steered the live back towards the music as she introduced “Over The Rainbow”, a song full of the heartbreaking pain of separation and the determination to move towards the future. Transitioning from the endless journey to the future full of expectation and anxiety to the resilient song full of the feelings of fearless change “Time to Change”, the curtain closed on the two and a half hour live.



Captain Miyuki Hiraguchi ended the evening with words of determination and hope for the future of palet.


“With ‘Riichan’ (Igusa) graduating at this performance, the founding members are now just me and Yui. But, “Mayu” (Watanabe), “Haru” (Koiso), and “Rito” (Ichinose) are still here too. Because of everyone supporting us since the time we started four and a half years ago, even when members graduated, we are still here. Because of you supporting us, we will keep going forward to brighter days ahead. So please believe in us and stay with us until the very end.

As always, she showed her strong faces.


For a group like palet which has undergone so many changes, there is one thing that does not change. Because every time I see them live, I leave thinking “they’re the best”, I have no reason to doubt Miyuki’s words will come to pass.

As Riona left the stage, an image of 8 silhouettes was projected on the screen at the back of the stage, announcing the debut of palet’s new formation to take place at Akiba Cultures Theater on January 17, 2017.

palet will once again begin walking towards a new future. Leaving behind the remaining colors, repeating, and making new colors, the painters will be dyed. While eagerly anticipating what colors palet will be repainted in with their new formation, I look forward to my heart being filled again.

Photo Gallery


3.I miss you
4.Shake My Soul
5.Nijiiro Horizon (滲色ホライズン)
6.Wonderful Girls
7.Koibito ga Santa Claus (恋人がサンタクロース)
9.Fly Away
10.Keep on Lovin’You
12.Run to the New Wind
13.Daisuki!! ~Koi no Season~ (ダイスキっ!!~恋のSeason~)
14.Kimi no Koto (キミノコト)
15.Koisuru Wink (恋するウィンク)
16.LOVE n’ ROLL !!
17.Shouri no Seal (勝利のシール)
18.Celebration ~ Tokimeki Good Time (~トキメキ Good Time~)
19.Pink no Heart no Kumo (ピンクのハートの雲)
20.All for One
21.Ichigo Kibun (イチゴ気分)
22.Believe in Yourself !
23.Arigatou (ありがとう)

EN1.You are My Miracle
EN2.Glory Days
EN3.Over The Rainbow
EN4.Time to Change

■ palet new formation regular performance “palet Tuesday Night”
DATE : January 17th, February 7th, 21st, March 7th, 21st
VENUE : AKIBA Cultures Theater
OPEN 7:00pm / START 7:30pm
Ticket : 2,000 JPY (Drink not included)

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