All Colors Unite Again! palet’s New Dimension Begins

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All Colors Unite Again! palet’s New Dimension Begins

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On January 17th, idol group palet unveiled three new members during “palet Tuesday Night”, their regular show at AKIBA Cultures Theater. This was their first performance with the new 8-member formation.

Despite being held on a weekday, tickets were all sold out. It was also the birthday celebration for Fujimoto, Koiso and Ichinose, so everyone at the venue was pumped up and looking forward to the evening.


As the sound effect signaled the beginning of the show, members slowly took their spots on the stage.
The colors yellow, orange and purple, which were held by Hikaru Otsuka, Mizuki Kimoto and Riona Igusa respectively, were passed onto new members Yuka Habara, Hazuki Tanda and Yurina Saito. Once again, all the colors on palet’s palette are back.

The octet opened the show with “Over the Rainbow”, a song released in 2016. Their never-ending journey, which started with 7 colors, has recommenced.


Following the self-introduction of the 3 new members, the group performed “VICTORY”, “Run to the New Wind”, and “Believe in Yourself!” Fans surprised the group during the songs with birthday celebrations, as their penlights lit up the venue in the colors of the birthday girls in succession.




With “All for One” and “Glory Days”, their first performance with the new formation ended on a very high note.




The first thing worth noting of the group’s new formation is the power of the octet’s performance. The fact that each member has strong and unique personalities means the group becomes increasingly more interesting and powerful as the number of members increases.

Moreover, with Watanabe, Koiso and Ichinose gaining a sense of responsibility due to new additions, they have also been able to let themselves perform more freely on stage. The 3 new members also lived up to the expectations and proved that they are a force to be reckoned with in the idol world.

Even though they have started and re-started quite a few times with different combinations, their most recent restructuring has shown that the group, in its 5th year, has built up a very solid foundation.

Going forward, the group has announced events all the way until March – their first one-man show as an octet, a Valentine’s Day event and hosting an inter-group music event, now is a great time get into them. If you can, please go see them for yourself and experience the excitement the new palet brings to the scene.



Hazuki Handa

Hazuki Handa

Hazuki Handa (Orange) a.k.a Ha~chan


Yuka Habara

Yuka Habara

Yuka Habara (Yellow) a.k.a Yu~tan

Yurina Saito

Yurina Saito

Yurina Saito (Purple) a.k.a Yurina

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