Nanase Nishino Announces Her Graduation from Nogizaka46

Nanase Nishino Announces Her Graduation from Nogizaka46

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Nanase Nishino announced her graduation from Nogizaka46, on her official blog.

On the official blog, she reflected on her time since her debut in Nogizaka46 till now and expressed her gratitude towards the members, staff and the fans who supported her.

Although her activities with Nogizaka46 will finish by the end of the year, Nishino’s graduation concert has been scheduled to be held in 2019. She will still continue her career in the entertainment industry.

From Nanase Nishino’s official blog:

“It’s fall~ Long time no see! It’s Nishino.

I have a sudden announcement I want to tell everyone…

Thank you for supporting me for 7 years.

I, Nanase Nishino, will graduate from Nogizaka46 at the end of this year.

m(_ _)m

From the age of 17 to 24, I met lots of people, discovered many kinds of emotions, and built up the imperfect me in Nogizaka46.

Of course I’m still imperfect, and I’m not particularly aiming for perfection.

But something began to stir up my heart and my body, and I discovered a side of myself I’d never known. It felt like, oh? Did I always hate losing this much? Did I always get excited this easily? When was the last time I cried this much? I can’t stand this!

When I started looking back from the time of my final audition, I found that there were many, many precious memories that I can’t put into words.

It was really fun!!

Now that I think about it, it was probably the most brilliant, exciting time of my life.

I was able to continue this far because of the members and the staff, and more than anyone else everyone who supported Nogizaka46.

When I was weak everyone gave me confidence again and again.

Thank you for sending me your thoughts through comments and letters and at handshake events.

Thank you for everyone who said I was your favorite member.

Because of all of you I was able to grow. I might have grown a little stronger ( ・∇・)

I’m a little nervous about leaving this place I love so much, but then again it was something I chose myself.

Even after going independent, I want to continue working so I’m excited about the future to come from now on. I wonder if there’s anything I still haven’t done.

I actually began discussing graduation with the agency over a year ago, and today I can finally make the announcement to everyone.

It took me a while to finish writing this after adding and deleting and revising my words again and again.

There’re lots of activities for me to complete within the year, and the graduation concert will be held next year…!

It’s a new kind of pattern, but I hope you understand.

After all I love lives and performing with everyone…so I want to make my last appearance with Nogizaka46.

We’re still deciding on details like the date and venue.

I’m sorry to make you wait, but please look forward to the day!

That’s all about my graduation.

One more thing—

This summer there were many disasters that struck places in Japan. It hurt my heart to see such news.

It felt difficult for to do anything as just one person, but the other day during the Nogizaka46 handshake event we called for donations as a group. Thank you so much for your support!

I hope it provides some strength to those in need.

I pray for the recovery of those areas.

To those who were affected by the disaster, my heart is with you.

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