A First Press of 150,000 Copies! Nogizaka46’s Mizuki Yamashita Releases First Photobook “The Unforgettable One”

初版15万部の初写真集発売 乃木坂46山下美月という「忘れられない人」
A First Press of 150,000 Copies! Nogizaka46’s Mizuki Yamashita Releases First Photobook “The Unforgettable One”

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Mizuki Yamashita (age 20), a 3rd generation member of Nogizaka46, released her first photobook. The release event took place at HMV & BOOKS Shibuya on January 21st. The photobook is titled “Wasurerarenai Hito” (lit. “Unforgettable Person”), which was one of the several suggestions from Yasushi Akimoto, the group’s producer, and chosen by Yamashita herself based on her feelings. In the 10,000-character interview included in the photobook, she said, “when the readers finish this, I want them to feel that they ‘cannot forget about Mizuki Yamashita’.” At the same time, she said, “it can be interpreted as ‘I’m always thinking about someone that I can’t forget because there was a lot of love.”” Her witty comments, one of the many charming things about her, left a strong impression on us.


To her fans, Mizuki Yamashita is indeed unforgettable.

The photos were taken in Paris last October. In addition to the urban areas and an amusement park, she also posed in revealing swimsuits and lingerie at a floating hotel on the Seine. During a thorough discussion with the staff of CanCam magazine, which she models for exclusively, she said the photobook is packed with her own fantasies.

When asked about the type of lingerie she wore for the photoshoot, she laughed and said, “is this really something I should mention in public?” She then added that she “wore things she would never wear normally.” She also showed a glimpsed of her mature side, adding fuel to fans’ fantasies and living up to her “devilish” reputation.

As a special bonus for purchasing the photobook, she has prepared surprises that are surely to delight her fans, such as “photos of her in a kimono that comes with an instruction manual of Mizuki Yamashita”. As someone who is well-known for her amazing handshakes, Mizuki Yamashita has become truly unforgettable to her fans.


Mizuki Yamashita, the Unforgettable One, as the hope of Nogizaka4

The group has been expanding their activities overseas, and the interview took place just after their 2nd concert in Taipei. During the opening video, Yamashita, who is a “senbatsu” member selected for the current single, was introduced as the “hope” of the group, and this story is a fan favorite. Among photobooks released by Nogizaka46 members, the sales of Yamashita’s photobook have attracted a great deal of attention, because the numbers surpassed that of Mai Shiraishi, the ace of the group who announced her graduation recently. The Unforgettable One sold 150,000 copies on the first day, with 140,000 copies pre-ordered and another run of 10,000 ordered before the photobook went on sale. “When I heard about the numbers, I thought I was living in a parallel world,” said Yamashita, “but I am happy that many people will get to see it and I am very confident about how it turned out.” As the group’s core members, like Nanase Nishino and ex-captain Reika Sakurai, graduate and new members stepping up to take the lead, Yamashita’s unforgettable numbers are a strong indicator that she is indeed the hope of the group.


Mizuki Yamashita, the Unforgettable One, on her ideal image of the idol

An idol herself, Yamashita also loves idols and Nogizaka46. When she joined the group, she publicly mentioned that she is an idol fan. She works very hard, and, as a result, her unparalleled professionalism has earned her the nickname “Yamashita Pro”. When asked to give a score to her photobook, which is one of the most frequently asked questions whenever someone releases one, she replied, “I’ve been waiting for that question! I just looked up all the scores the senior members gave their own photobooks, too!” Then she said, “they gave great answers. As for me, I would give myself an infinite amount of points because I have an infinite amount of love to give. I want everyone to see this photobook and think about me as their girlfriends or their besties, so the scores would differ depending on the person. The possibilities are infinite!” She also came up with her own ideas for the poses in the photobook, after studying the ones from senior members. As Yamashita studies, loves and pursues the Unforgettable One, she has also become an unforgettable person herself.


Mizuki Yamashita, a person who never forgets to be thankful

The words “Thank you” were said many times during this interview. She expressed her gratitude toward the staff and fans over and over again, as well as writing those very same words on the life-size panels at the photobook exhibition, which is part of the release event. During the special SHOWROOM broadcast celebrating the release, she mentioned Asuka Saito, a 1st generation member, as someone who she finds unforgettable, and expressed thanks for her support before the release. In response to a surprise congratulatory video from ex-member Yumi Wakatsuki, the ex-leader of Wakasama Clan (a sub-unit of the group) which propelled Yamashita’s career, she cried while expressing gratitude towards the respectable 1st generation member.


During her graduation ceremony last December, Wakatsuki described Yamashita not as the group’s “ace”, but the group’s “core”.

Nogizaka46 Yumi Wakatsuki Graduation Ceremony : Unbelievably Expressive Performer Delivered Top Rate Entertainment & Always Spread Affection

When asked about Mai Shiraishi’s graduation, Yamashita said, “[Shiraishi] is a very strong, kind and warm senior member. She is someone that everyone admires, whether as an idol, a Nogizaka46 member or as a woman.” When the interviewer asked what she thinks about being the next ace, she softly denied and said, “I will be happy as long as someone notices that there’s someone like me in the group of 3rd generation members, or as part of the bigger group.” It was an interview where we felt the immense power of her love for Nogizaka46.



Yamashita described the release of her photobook as “a dream I’ve had since joining the group has come true.” Since co-starring in the movie with the great actress Kirin Kiki, Yamashita’s talent began to shine not only as an idol, but also as an actress, as she was featured in the TV drama “VIDEO GIRL MAI 2019”. The hidden concept of this photobook is “an intense relationship”, which those who have already noticed, and those who will meet her in the future, will inevitably fall into. Until someday when they experience the “intense heartbreak”.

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that’s how you’ll stay
That’s why, darling, it’s incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable to
(Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole – Unforgettable)


Written by Yama Junta(
Photo by Kenji harada(
Translated by 76do_

Nogizaka46 Mizuki Yamashita First Photo Book: Wasurerarenai hito / Yamashita Mizuki
Nogizaka46 Mizuki Yamashita First Photo Book: Wasurerarenai hito

Twitter @mizuki1st_paris
Instagram @yamashitamizuki1st

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