Momoclo-chan Z Collaborate With Pikotaro in the MV for “Vegetable”!

Momoclo-chan Z Collaborate With Pikotaro in  the MV for “Vegetable”!

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The MV for Momoclo-chan Z and Pikotaro‘s collaboration song is finally here! The highly addictive new number “Vegetable” by Momoclo-chan Z and PIKOTARO sings about fruits in a catchy and repetitive rhythm. Let’s sing, dance and have fun with them!

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As many already know, Pikotaro is an internationally renowned Japanese comedian famous for his viral hit “PPAP(Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)”. Momoclo-chan Z is another side of Momoiro Clover Z. They appear on the children’s educational TV program for “Gu Choki Party” on Hulu Japan.


In the MV available on YouTube, they repeat various vegetables’ name over and over again to a catchy beat.

“Vegetable” is written and composed by Pikotaro and arranged by Daimaou Kosaka. The song will be released on March 7 2018 via major online music distribution sites and streaming services.

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