Momoiro Clover Z’s Annual Christmas Concert “Momoiro Christmas 2014” Made Everyone Smile!

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Momoiro Clover Z’s Annual Christmas Concert “Momoiro Christmas 2014” Made Everyone Smile!

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On Christmas Eve and Christmas Days (24th and 25th December 2014), Momoiro Clover Z had two-days Christmas live concert “Momoiro Christmas 2014 Shining Snow Story” at Saitama Super Arena. This is the first time they have their Christmas Live at this venue since 2012, and about 90 thousands of fans (including both at venue and at theater) enjoyed the Christmas present from Momoiro Clover Z. Here I deliver you the fans of Momoclo all over the world the concert report!!

The theme of the concert “Shining Snow Story”
The theme of this Christmas Live is “Shining Snow Story”. Stage director of the concert infused “Be with smile” into the title. This cocnert theme might be inspired from the comments of Kanako Momota, the leader of this group, in their dreamed live at the National Stadium in March 2014: We want to be the top who makes everyone smile. The title tune of the Christmas limited single “Hitotsubu no Egao de” (meaning “with a piece of smile”) is written as the theme song of this live.



The Christmas concert was really built around the theme. Based on the  theme, the concert had a story between a robot girl and the members of Momoiro Clover Z. The concert started with a robotic staging appearing a robot girl with a dancers group “Time Machine” led by Koutei Sen-nin, a world-famous robotic dancer. Voice-over told: Machines which were completely same as humans but could not understand only “SMILE” for the life of them. After the robot dance opening, the members of Momoiro Clover Z appeared with an introduction by Lenne Hardt. Using projection mapping technology, the faces of the members look as machine, but with a smile.

The story progressed at the intermissions of the concert. At the first intermission, large nutcracker-like dolls of the members appeared with carols, singing “We want to make our fans happily smile, and they always bring smiles to us. We are sure that with our fans we can bring a smile to the robot girl!” The robot girl and dancers group danced with emotionless mask even here. In the next intermission, professional social dance group performed flowery dance in front of the Downtown Momoclo band. Soon after the intermission, “Hitotsubu no Egao de” was performed as a musical of the members and the robot girl. Finally, the robot girl understood the meaning of emotion, and got a smile on its face.

Momoclo-style Entertainment is still alive
Of course, Momoiro Christmas 2014 had a lot of basic items of their Christmas concert. Plenty of Christmas songs such as “Bokura no Century”, “Naichaisou Fuyu”, Santa-san” or “Shiroi Kaze” were performed. With “Santa-san”, Reni-chan performed magic trick again this year. This year she challenged to penetrate fired lances into her body (She told last year “I’ll use fire next year!!”).

A lot of guests participated in and added spice to the concert. Masahiro Tanaka, a world class pitcher who plays in New York Yankees (and is known as a fan of Momoclo), appeared on the 2nd day as the special secret guest, and had a baseball battle against Kanako. Furthermore, he danced the track “My Dear Fellow” which is written for him, on the stage with the members of Momoclo. An actor/singer Shigeru Matsuzaki appeared as usual, and broke the news of Momoclo Dontaku in next spring at Fukuoka. As we described above, various professional dance teams such as Time Machine led by Koutei Sen-nin or Social Dance Group “Social Clover Z” appeared in the intermissions, and strengthened the story of the concert.

The Christmas tasted costumes were so CUTE and well-modulated. They performed their first musical challenge in the black and silver colored gorgeous tuxedo-like costumes. Its coloring is not normal for them but fit their cool performance! Other costumes such as Pierrot costume, Christmas Tree costume or holy-girls costume, were 5 colored for each member, and very cute. Santa-san is performed only in this season, and this year’s Santa-san in Christmas Tree costume was especially pretty!



In the final part of the concert, they always make comments for the live. They all stated thanks to the fans of Momoclo and staffs. Shiori Tamai stated: “As long as there is anyone who hope for us, we remain Momoiro Clover Z. We tries to present you with new entertainment, happiness and smiles”. Kanako Momota said: “It could be difficult to make everyone all over the world only by ourselves. But, I make you smile, and YOU can make someone who don’t know us smile. This circle of smiles could make the world smile!”

Every year, Momoiro Christmas has been just “Momoiro Christmas”. Of course it had been the wrap-up concert of the year and the start of the next year, but the original theme of the concert is “Christmas”, so their past Christmas concert just included such things. This year, they challenged new sub-theme “Shining Snow Story” with a musical-like theme song, and blending it with the Christmas concert. This could not be possible without their experience as actresses for their new movie “Maku ga Agaru” this year. They have absorbed a lot of new experience, and always utilize them to make fans smile.

They already announced a lot of events in 2015! In January 2015, the Stardust Promotion, where Momoiro Clover Z belongs, has one week event series “Fujii to Yome no 7 days War”. In April they have fan-club event “Momoclo Dontaku” at Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome. Don’t miss the 2015’s Momoiro Clover Z!!

Set list 24th December:
01. Jyokyu Monogatari -Carpe diem-
02. Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimitachiyo
03. Kuroi Syuumatsu
04. Naichaisou Fuyu
05. DNA Rhapsody
06. Kasou Dystopia
07. Shiroi Kaze
08. Moretsu Uchu Koukyoukyoku
09. Doudou Heiwa Sengen
10. My Dear Fellow
11. Chai Maxx ZERO
12. Santa-san
14. Konouta
15. Stardust Serenade
17. Hitotsubu no Egao de…
18. Ikuze!! Kaito Syoujyo
19. Sora no Curtain
Encore part
21. Gekkou
22. Bokura no Century
23. Hashire!

Set list 25th December:
01. Kuroi Syuumatsu
02. Moretsu Uchu Koukyoukyoku
03. Bokura no Century
04. Naichaisou Fuyu
05. Kasou Dystopia
06. Naitemo Iindayo
07. Sora no Curtain
08. Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimitachiyo
10. Doudou Heiwa Sengen
11. Chai Maxx ZERO
12. Santa-san
13. My Dear Fellow
14. Jyokyu Monogatari -Carpe diem-
15. Stardust Serenade
17. Hitotsubu no Egao de…
18. Ikuze!! Kaito Syoujyo
19. Gekkou
Encore part
21. Shiroi Kaze
22. Konouta
23. Hai to Diamond


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