Members are Dressed Up Dragon Ball Characters! Trailer Video for Momoiro Clover Z “Z no Chikai” Has Released!

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Members are Dressed Up Dragon Ball Characters!  Trailer Video for Momoiro Clover Z “Z no Chikai” Has Released!

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Today on April 13th , trailer video for Momoiro Clover Z‘s the new track “Z no Chikai”  has released! In the video, all the 5 members are made up as characters in the manga Dragon Ball Z. Can you tell them all?

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momoclo-dragonball-z-mv-03 momoclo-dragonball-z-mv-04 momoclo-dragonball-z-mv-02 momoclo-dragonball-z-mv-01

They will release their new single “Z no Chikai” on April 29th 2015. The title tune of the single “Z no Chikai” is the theme song of the new Dragon Ball Movie featuring on Freeza “Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F”.

They already performed the track at the live event only for the fan club members “Momoclo Dontaku” in Fukuoka city on April 4th and 5th. The dance performance is like a lively karate demonstration, incorporating many elements of famous pose of Z warriors and their enemies. It must be fun to make Furi-Copy!

The single will be released in two versions; Z version and F version. Both of them include the title track and “Romantic Kongaragatteru” (meaning “Romantic is entangled”), an homage of the closing theme of anime at that time “Romantic Ageruyo” (“I will give you a romantic”). A Blu-ray Disk is appended with F version, and it is also announced that the Z version packs the cover of the famous theme song of Dragon Ball Z “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA”.

Furthermore, on the blog of Bulma (specially built website for the movie release), you can try the first chorus of the energetic tune! Visit the website now, and check it too!

About the Manga “Dragon Ball”:
It is one of the most famous Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. The story unfolds around 7 Dragon Balls created by God, focusing on Goku, a monkey-tailed boy. He meets a lot of people through the story, and makes battles together with his friends to save the earth from various enemies, using the power of Dragon Ball.

Official website of Momoiro Clover Z:
Special Website of the movie “Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F”:
Special Webiste of blog by Bulma:

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