Get Your Hands on Tamagotchi Stationery, Sweets and so Much More at the Tamagotchi Department Store!

Get Your Hands on Tamagotchi Stationery, Sweets and so Much More at the Tamagotchi Department Store!
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Bandai’s digital mobile pet, Tamagotchi, first took the world by fire in 1996 and gets its nifty name from a combination of the Japanese word tamago (meaning egg) and the English word watch.

As most of you 90s kids would remember, you could feed, clean and customise your Tamagotchi to bring up your own unique pet. It was small enough to attach to a keychain and its simple, 3 buttoned control system made it distinctively easy to use. It first gained tremendous popularity among young high school girls and was further popularised by popular artists and dramas. This developed into a huge social boom that spread like wildfire across Japanese borders and into other major countries.

Fast forward to 2015, and Bandai has shifted their target market to kids aged 7 to 9, and through promotion in children’s magazines and cartoons it has particularly gained popularity among kindergarten and elementary kids.


When visiting the department store, we saw girls taking photos in front of store windows, and brothers and sisters rummaging for goods that they wanted.


The tamagotchI model currently being sold 
has repeatedly received updates since its first creation via TAMAGOTCHI 4U. An additional system, known as NFC, has been added to its initial system and with one touch you can easily download new character features and games


When Alisa Urahama tried her hand at using one of the Tamagotchi on display, she was astonished at how much more detailed the device had become. “The only thing I know how to do on this new model is feed my pet!”, she said. Alisa then got a little girl close by to teach her the ropes on how to use the device to its full potential.tamagicchi_harajuku_alisa-17tamagicchi_harajuku_alisa-19tamagicchi_harajuku_alisa-24

The Tamagotchi Department in Harajuku doesn’t just sell the Tamagotchi devices themselves but also sells many other Tamagotchi merchandise for all those Tamagotchi die-hard fans. Everything from Tamagotchi stuffed animals, sweets, stationary; you can but almost all your essential Tamagotchi related items here. And there are so many different cute, cool and unique characters to choose from!

How about picking up some of the items that spark your interest and try giving them to a friend or loved one? The shop is also introduced in Tokyo Girls’ Update’s TV program on NHK WORLD, so don’t miss it too!

About Tokyo Girls’ Update TV on NHK WORLD

Translated by Cheryl Coyle


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Tamagotch Department Harajuku
Address : Harajuku ash Building1F,1-19-11,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 03-3401-6287



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