Momoclo Comes to Our Town! Traveling Around Japan for Movie “Maku ga Agaru” Promotion

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Momoclo Comes to Our Town! Traveling Around Japan for Movie “Maku ga Agaru” Promotion

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On January 27, 2015, preview of the movie “Maku ga Agaru”, which is “weekend heroines”Momoiro Clover Z‘s first film with them as the main stars, and the speech of the members on the stage was held in Tokyo. There it was revealed the largest-ever campaign for the movie, including the theater-visit campaign that the members of Momoiro Clover Z visit all the 127 theaters which screens the movie, and have a talk on the stage!

“Maku ga Agaru” is a novel set written by Oriza Hirata, portraying a small drama club in a high school growing up through a challenge to the national championship. Last summer, Katsuyuki Motohiro who was responsible for the popular “Bayside Shakedown” (Odoru Daisosasen) series, shot the movie based on the novel with Momoiro Clover Z as the leading actress of the movie.

This movie will premiere on February 28, 2015, and the preview was held inviting 500 lucky fans one month before the premiere. After the movie, a speech by the members on the stage started. Just in the talk show, Masahiro Tanaka, the world-class pitcher who plays in New York Yankees (and famous for Mononofu), was surprisingly introduced into the stage and broke the campaign news. He joked “Because you said please come to watch the movie when it is revealed, I came here today!” He also commented on the movie “The movie reminds me of the baseball days in my high school”. Reni-chan stated to the fans: “We members and staff committed 100% of our power to create the movie, so please lend your power for the rest 20%. We put our efforts into our nationwide travel too.” The comment sounds a little bit strange, but it is very Momoclo-like.

As the campaign for the movie, the members branch out and visit all the 127 theaters which screens the movie, from February 13 to March 15, 2015. Total travel distance is about 50 thousands kilometers, more than the circumference of the earth! Furthermore, they will appear at Sanuki Movie Festival on February 20 and 21, 2015 in Kagawa Prefecture, and will have a live performance and a talk show.

Website of the movie “Maku ga Agaru”:
Momoiro Clover Z Official Site :

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