The Night Everyone Went “Baka”! Milky Holmes Road to Final in SENDAI Live

みんなで“バカ”になった仙台の夜!「ミルキィホームズ Road to Final in SENDAI」ライブ(2回目)レポート
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The Night Everyone Went “Baka”! Milky Holmes Road to Final in SENDAI Live

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On September 29, 2018, Milky Holmes held their one-man live “Milky Holmes Road to Final in SENDAI” at Sendai GIGS. The heat of summer had started to fade away, and in its place hordes of Milkians (Milky Holmes fans) gathered in the cool breeze of Sendai.

Milky Holmes had announced their final live as a unit in January 2019 at Nippon Budokan, and their performance in Sendai as well as an upcoming one in Osaka on October 27 would be their only remaining one-man lives until then. With only those few performances left, the fans filled the venue with a passion to burn these precious moments into their memories.

In this report I’d like to mainly focus on the night performance of twice a day event.

As the concert began the venue went dark, and Milky Holmes emerged to a familiar soundtrack. The first song was their iconic “Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!”, met with cheers as soon as the intro played. Since it was a standing live, the Milkians’ excitement were even higher than usual and the whole place resounded with their chants.

The next song was the upper tune “Milky A GO GO”, driving the audience’s energy to its peak even at this early point of the concert. Many of the fans joined shoulders with each other, following along with the choreography.

Following that was “Shouri no Kizuna”, after which came “Nakimushi TREASURES” where the chants and responses paid tribute to people related to Sendai. Izumi Kitta raised the Sendai chant, and called out the name of Mikoi Sasaki (Tohoku area born and the Sendai representative during the Milky Holmes audition): “Sasaki! Sasaki! The oldest member!” Sasaki, originally the youngest, would whine back “You’re going to make me cry~” after being teased. That skit was a part of “Nakimushi TREASURES”.

milkyholmes _sendai_001

At the end of the 4th song, the members came together to greet the fans with their distinctive pose: “Good evening Sendai! We’re Suzuko Mimori, Sora Tokui, Mikoi Sasaki and Izumi Kitta, Yokohama’s best detective Milky Holmes!” They faced the full audience of people from all ages, visibly moved by the gathering before them.

milkyholmes _sendai_002

After that came the solo numbers. Mimori performed “Good Day Everyday”, and as she exclaimed “good old memories!” the fans roared back with renewed vigor, following her cute vocals up with their own calls.

Just like in the lyrics, “Izu-sama World” went all out with “OtomeKikiippatsu”. Sasaki then followed with “Heart Mystery”, during which she danced ballet to the waltz rhythm. Being the experienced ballet dancer she is, Sasaki charmed the audience with her sweet, elegant movements. During “Heartful TanteiNero”, Tokui rushed up to the very edges of the stage, reaching out close to the fans to wave as she sung with a bright smile. It was a real manifestation of Tokui’s love for the fans.

When they came back together on stage they joined forces again to sing “Gokujou Smile” from the television anime “Wake Up, Girls!”, which was set in Sendai. It was a surprise cover performance of the unit Wake Up, Girls! whom they had previously collaborated with, and stirred up the fans with excitement.

milkyholmes _sendai_003

During the talk corner, they talked on stage about the letters they had received from fans prior to the performance. As they read messages about their final live next year, they began to reflect on their Nippon Budokan live in 2012. While they had been overjoyed about performing at Budokan in just two years after their formation, they revealed the anxiety they had carried back then. But with all the experiences they had gathered over the years, the fears from six years ago had disappeared and left behind nothing but anticipation for their final live.
After reading several more messages, they went on to relax and talk freely to the fans.

They then continued with performances of “Itsudatte Supporter!” and “Pleasure Stride”, and they reminisced about the incredibly windy filming they had to overcome for the “Pleasure Stride” music video.

The topic turned to their final single “Mainichi Climax“, released on October 17. As Mimori shouted “please yell out your love for us!” the song began, and they launched into a powerful performance that had the Milkians perfectly chiming in with their calls despite the song only having being performed for the first time that day. The choreography was based on many past choreographies, bringing back old moves and having the members waving with both hands from left to right during the chorus. It was a powerful song, yet carried a tinge of sadness somewhere. The concert then moved into the last song, “Ame Agari no Mirai”.

milkyholmes _sendai_004

The members came back with the first encore song, “Tenohira no Kiseki”. The stage lit up in a warm orange as they sang about the sunset within the lyrics. As the penlights swayed from left to right during the chorus, the venue was illuminated with a beautiful glow.

milkyholmes _sendai_005

Right before the final number, each member spoke to the fans.

Sasaki: Sendai is a place full of memories to me. I participated in the Milky Holmes voice actress audition as a Sendai representative, and was able to join this group. I want to show the me back then just how much love I’ve received from the fans these past 9 years. Even though I’ve been showered with so much love, I’m a greedy 27 years old who still wishes for more. Milky Holmes was able to continue this far because of the fans, so we’ll need your love until the very end. Please give us lots of love till the end! Thank you so much!

Tokui: I began my twenties in Milky Holmes, and I’m ending it in Milky Holmes. That’s how much importance Milky Holmes has in my life. I’m so happy that everyone gave your precious time to us. I’m thankful that we could spend such wonderful times with each other, and I hope that even as we became grandfathers and grandmothers that you’ll look back and think “Milky Holmes was a really fun group”. In order to achieve that, we’ll work hard to make our Osaka and Budokan performances even more fun. I really love Milky! Thank you so much!

Mimori: It’s been a while since we came to Sendai and did a standing live. During the time of our formation we did lots of standing lives, so it made me recall those times. It felt like such a blessing to be able to see this beautiful scenery for so many years. I’m really grateful to everyone. Looking for energy from Milky Holmes, laughing at Milky Holmes’ lives—perhaps you may not remember why you were laughing, but all you know is that you had a lot of fun. That’s just Milky Holmes. I want to go on foolishly for the last four months. Hold in your burps every day and let them all loose at Milky Holmes’ lives. Thank you for today.

Kitta: (facing the fans) Baaaka!! (fans respond with the same “baaaka” and repeat the exchange three times)
Milky Holmes is a place where I could be silly, and I’m grateful that here I can say “baka” and have everyone laugh with me and even say it’s cute.
(Fans clap and shout “you’re cute!”, Kitta blushes) Baaaka!!
In our new song “Mainichi Climax☆” there’s a line in the lyrics “Milky Forever”, and I sang it with the desire I’ve had since our final live announcement in February to never forget Milky Holmes. I don’t think there’s anything else I’ve worked so hard for ten years in my life besides Milky Holmes, so I never want these ten years to be forgotten. Let’s all go to Budokan together! Thank you so much!

The concert finished on a high with “Hyper Milky Hour”, with fans energetically swinging their towels along to the song. Everyone waved their towels foolishly, dancing and singing. More than anything else, it was the members who appeared to be having fun from the bottom of their hearts. As they filled the audience with feelings of pure joy, the curtains closed with a happy mood.

Set List

01 Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!
02 Milky A GO GO
03-01 Shouri no Kizuna
03-02 Nakimushi TREASURES
04 Good Day Everyday
05 Otome♡Kikiippatsu
06 Heart Mystery
07 Heartful Tantei☆Nero
08 Gokujou Smile(Wake Up, Girls! cover)
09 Itsudatte Supporter!
10 Pleasure Stride
11 Mainichi Climax☆
12 Ame Agari no Mirai

EN1 Tenohira no Kiseki
EN2 Hyper Milky Hour

Concert Information

Milky Holmes Road to Final in OSAKA
October 26, 2018 (Friday)
Open – 5:00pm Start – 6:00pm
Zepp Osaka bayside (Osaka)

Milky Holmes Final Live in Budokan (Kari)
January 28, 2018 (Monday)
Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)

Release Information

Final Single “Mainichi Climax / Soshite, Gunjo ni Toketeiku” will be released on October 17th, 2018.

Mainichi Climax / Soshite, Gunjo ni Toketeiku / Milky Holmes
Mainichi Climax / Soshite, Gunjo ni Toketeiku / Milky Holmes

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Translated by Sharuru

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