Last Sprint Towards the Final Show: Milky Holmes Road to Final in OSAKA!

ファイナルに向けてラストスパート!「ミルキィホームズ Road to Final in OSAKA」ライブレポート
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Last Sprint Towards the Final Show: Milky Holmes Road to Final in OSAKA!

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“Milky Holmes Road to Final in OSAKA” was held at Zepp Osaka Bayside on On October 26, 2018. As they plan to hold their final concert as a unit on January 28, 2019 (Mon.), called “Milky Holmes Final Live Q.E.D.”, this show acted as a semi-fnal.

Milky Holmes took the stage in their “Yokohama Koushinkyoku” album costumes, released back in 2017. They set off the beginning of the show with “Milky A GO GO”. Among their repertoire of songs, this is one of their best tunes for getting the crowd going, and the venue was surging with excitement right from the start. With the same momentum, they followed up with “Party Party” and “Prologue wa Ashita Iro” before heading into their first MC.

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_001

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_002

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_003

They began their MC with the familiar greeting “We’re Suzuko Mimori, Sora Tokui, Mikoi Sasaki, and Izumi Kitta, Yokohama’s best detective Milky Holmes!” accompanied by their signature pose. Despite the show falling on a weekday, the venue was packed with overjoyed Milkians (Milky Holmes fans). “This is the last concert the four of us will hold in Osaka, so let’s make it the best one ever!” they proclaimed to a big round of applause. Then, it was relayed that Sasaki, who had fallen ill a few days prior, in order to take care of her self, would be taking part without singing or speaking.

Following the MC, they performed “Bouken☆Milky Road!!” and “Nakimushi TREASURES”. During “Nakimushi TREASURES”, there was an Osaka-themed call and response during the introduction, much like they had done during their Sendai show. After getting the audience going with local lingo like “Takoyaki! Okonomiyaki!”, “Namba Grand Kagetsu! NGK!”, Kitta shouted out, “Aimi! Ayasa! Rimirin! And who else?” calling out Aimi, Ayasa Ito, and Rimi Nishimoto, the names of the agency’s junior members who were born in the Kansai area. They continued, unable to recall the last name as the singing part approached, until finally right in the nick of time they remembered, “It Aiba!” with a clean intro into the song.

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_004

Next they began the solo and duet song corner. To start off with, Tokui performed a solo rendition of “NERORO☆Ondo”. Creating a heartwarming atmosphere with Bon Odori-style dance, she switched gears in the second half, singing with a powerful voice as she waved a Tairyo-bata (fishermen’s big catch banner). Her solo was followed up by Sasaki’s “To・Ri・Ko”. For what she couldn’t sing, she made up with the with the expressiveness and crisp way she danced to articulate the spirit of the song. During Tokui and Sasaki’s duet of “Gimme Milky” which highlights the cute nature of their voices, the venue was transported to a world of sweet dreams.

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_006

When they finished, Tokui talked about “Gimme Milky”, saying that she loves how well it expresses the cuteness of Nero, played by Tokui, and Ellie, played by Sasaki, and that they always want everyone to keep showing their support for them and the other Milky Holmes characters.

Then Kitta appeared saying, “Next it’s my turn!” and gave a solo performance of “Gorgeous Sensitive”. During the song break, calls of “Hey! Hey!” from Milkians echoed throughout the hall. Mimori followed her act with “Lucky*Full Throttle”. Then, with excitement enveloping the venue, the two performed a duet of the overwhelmingly popular Milky Holmes duet song “Sore wa TOYS☆”.

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_005

After that Tokui and Sasaki joined on stage and they lead a talking corner based off messages Milkians had sent them in advance. Sasaki participated using sampler, her own voice saying things like “Yeah.” and “I know!” Many love and gratitude-filled messages toward the group were read aloud.

Then, after Tokui called out, “Let’s have some fun!” they dived back into the performance part of the show. They then sang “Reflection” and its coupling track, “TiCK TaCK” live for the very first time. After this, they exclaimed with joy that their latest single released in October, “Mainichi Climax☆/Soshite, Gunjo ni Toketeiku” had ranked in at the number 12 spot on the Oricon chart, the highest ever spot in the history of Milky Holmes, setting a new record, before giving fans a performance of it that was filled with gratitude.

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_007

Now it’s time for the second half. All of the sudden the rush of heat fills the air as “Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!” begins. The excitement continues to peak as the main part of the show comes to a close with “Mainichi Climax☆” and “Ame Agari no Mirai”.

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_008

They reappears after calls for an encore. The spotlight falls on the they’re standing in a row at the center of the stage as they sing out “Namako Song”. In the third episode of the TV anime “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Season 2”, there’s a scene where Milky Holmes, who is held on a prisoner island, is gathering sea cucumbers in a prisoner’s uniform. The song sung during this scene is “Namako Song”. Although the song was only used in one scene of the anime, it became a popular album inclusion for the repetition of the dark and heavy lyrics “Tsurai, zetsubou” and its sudden bright change in the second part of the song. Although it’s normal for the audience to sing with the group as one big chorus at concerts, on this day Milky Holmes and the Milkians sang together with the severe and disdainful expression of gathering sea cucumbers like in the scene of the anime.

The second encore song was “Kimi no Naka no Watashi”, a single released in 2012. At times it was the ending theme song to the anime “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative ONE ~Opera Kobayashi and the Five Paintings~”, and this time they performed it with Shuta Morishima, who played the role of Opera Kobayashi, making it a precious song for fans. The lyrics, based on the anime, represent the parting and reunion with those who live far away, and although it illustrates mutual feelings of thankfulness, it can also be seen as a representation of the bond between Milky Holmes and their fans, and on the verge of their final show, I felt it resonate deeper in my heart.

The show came to an end with a parting message from each member before the last song. As for Sasaki’s message, Tokui, Mimori, and Kitta imitated her voices as they read hers aloud.

Sasaki said “As stated at the beginning of the show, it was difficult for me to use my voice because of my illness. Today the warmth of all of you Milkians and the kindness of the other Milky members was a great help. I was able to once again feel how much I love everyone. You are all my pride, as well as my treasure.

Well, next time whether it’s through tears or smiles, is the Budokan show! So that it’s not one filled with regret, I want everyone to enjoy themselves to utmost and support us with everything you have on January 28! There won’t be any use in saying ‘I wish I could have gone!’ or ‘I’ll go next time!’ because there won’t be a next time, just Budokan! So if you know anyone who is thinking about whether they should go or not, I want you to grab them by the neck and drag them to Budokan! They definitely won’t regret coming! And of course by then I’ll be there with my full energy, giving everything I’ve got!! Thank you, thank you so much for today!!!!” she concluded, with spirited words full of gratitude towards the fans and members, that we could feel her overwhelming passion from headed into the final show.

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_010

Mikoi Sasaki / 佐々木未来

“Just by how many people came to our Osaka show on a weekday, I was able to feel just how loved Milky Holmes is. Filled with happiness, I sang each song as carefully as I could, putting my heart into each one,” Tokui said, thanking the fans before turning to them to continue. “In the end, at Budokan, I want to you be glad that you loved Milky Holmes and keep loving us even after, so please no matter what, keep following us until the very end!” she concluded with much enthusiasm.

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_009

Sora Tokui / 徳井青空

The audience met her words with a large round of applause and cheers, and then silenced the audience by saying that they forgot to say something during the MC, even though it wasn’t very important. Prefacing that it really wasn’t a big deal, she revealed that while dancing, when she would get too close to one of the other members and almost run into them, in her mind she would be shouting, “Namusan!” (an expression like “Oh my god!” in English), and the audience erupted in laughter.

Despite the feelings of excitement surrounding their parting words, and the fact that it was the encore MC of their semi-final concert, relating such a silly story that had both the members and audience laughing made me keenly aware of how the greatness of Milky Holmes could be captured in such a scene.

“I’m so glad that so many Milkians were able some how manage to come today despite the show being on a weekday,” Mimori began, thanking the audience. “It feels like that in the middle of things I had almost forgotten to remember them, but as I look back now that we’re coming up on the end, I’m remember how this and that happened and gradually am starting to remember it all again,” she spoke about revisiting her memories, then continued as she called out to fans, “I’d like all of you to revisit the memories we’ve made and let’s enjoy ourselves when we meet again in January.”

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_012

Suzuko Mimori / 三森すずこ

Kitta addressed the importance of the four of them together, saying, “I had so much fun but it was hard without Miko-chan (Sasaki) being able to speak. It’s not Milky Holmes without the four of us talking, or the four of us together.” She added by speaking honestly, “Today is our semi final show, the concert before our last, but for some strange reason it still feels like there’s still much more left. I don’t know what the end is supposed to feel like, but it doesn’t feel like things are coming to an end. I can’t imagine something we’ve been doing for 10 years coming to and end, and as I head toward Budokan, it’s with the mindset that it doesn’t feel like the end. All of you may be thinking a lot of things right now, but I feel like I can finally realize it all once it’s finished, so I plan on doing just that, and I’ll be waiting to see you until the very end!” to a great deal of applause.

Milky Holmes_RtF1026_011

Izumi Kitta / 橘田いずみ

Although there’s a tendency to feel sentimental heading into a final show, nothing is clear until the very end, but perhaps Kitta’s advice to not overthink things and enjoy the final concert with a blank mindset was very beneficial to both Milkians and the other members. In that positive moment, they performed their last song of the night, “Milky Attack”. Brandishing their towels and waving them around, they worked the audience while the Milkian cheered them on with a powerful call. Before the last chorus during the part of the song that goes “Thank you, thank you for the chance to meet you!” the audience met their feelings of gratitude by singing together as big voice, for the most exciting climax of the show. The curtain came to a close on a show that had been full of love, laughter, and smiles.

Next is Milky Holmes’ final concert at Nippon Budokan on January 28, 2019, which will conclude the group’s 10-year run.

Set List

01 Milky A GO GO
02 Party Party!
03 Prologue wa Ashita Iro
04 Bouken☆Milky Road!!
05 Nakimushi TREASURES
06 NERORO☆Ondo
07 To・Ri・Ko
08 Gimme Milky
09 Gorgeous Sensitive
10 Lucky*Full Throttle
11 Sore wa TOYS☆
12 Reflection
13 TiCK TaCK
14 Seikai wa Hitotsu Janai!!
15 Mainichi Climax☆
16 Ame Agari no Mirai
EN1 Namako Song
EN2 Kimi no Naka no Watashi
EN3 Milky Attack

“Milky Holmes Final Live Q.E.D.”
January 28, 2019 (Mon.)
Open- 5:30pm Start- 6:30pm
Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)
Milky Holmes(Suzuko Mimori, Sora Tokui, Mikoi Sasaki, and Izumi Kitta)
Guest- Feathers(Aimi, Ayasa Ito), Opera Kobayashi(Shuta Morishima)
Special guest- Arsène/Henriette Mystère(Satomi Akesaka), Kokoro Akechi(Yoshino Nanjo)

More information:

Release Information

Best Album “Milky Parade!!!!” will be released on January 16, 2019.

Milky Parade!!!! / Milky Holmes

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Translated by Jamie Koide

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