Milky Holmes Relives Memories with Fans at Their Birthplace Nakano Sunplaza

ミルキィホームズ はじまりの地 中野サンプラザでファンと共に原点を振り返る
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Milky Holmes Relives Memories with Fans at Their Birthplace Nakano Sunplaza

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On February 3 2018, Milky Holmes held their fanclub event “Birthday Party Party!!!!!!!!” at Nakano Sunplaza.

Milky Holmes began as a voice actress unit from “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”.
In 2009 the media mix project “Project MILKY HOLMES”, which comprised a game and TV anime among others, was established. It started with an internet radio drama “Milky Holmes Tantei Gakuin Hososhitsu” based on three characters: Sherlock “Sheryl” Shellingford played by Suzuko Mimori, Nero Yuzurizaki played by Sora Tokui and Cordelia Glauca played by Izumi Kitta. In February 2010, an audition was held to cast the role of Hercule “Elly” Burton, and Mikoi Sasaki was chosen out of 4518 candidates. From there, the 4-member unit Milky Holmes was formed by Mimori, Tokui, Sasaki and Kitta.

The venue dimmed as the concert began, and the words “February 6 2010, Nakano Sunplaza” appeared on screen above the stage followed by a video of Sasaki being announced as the winner of the audition 8 years ago. In short, it was the moment Milky Holmes was born. Exactly 8 years after that day, Milky Holmes stood on this stage in Nakano Sunplaza once again.


When the video ended and the four members emerged on stage, the audience of Milkians (Milky Holmes fans) chorused “Happy birthday!” in celebration of their anniversary and “Party Party!” began to their energetic calls.
That day they wore the detective costumes from their early days. On this day they were clad in the original version from the time of their debut
The song ended, and they greeted their fans with their signature pose: “Good evening, everyone. We’re Suzuko Mimori, Sora Tokui, Mikoi Sasaki and Izumi Kitta, Yokohama’s best detective Milky Holmes!”

Since it was a fanclub event it was different from the usual concert, with not just performances but also a variety of other segments. The first was the “Milky Radio spin-off revival”, where the members talked in imitation of their internet radio. Based on letters from the Milkians they also received questions about the “black tears incident” from the public audition 8 years ago, in which Tokui had been overcome with emotion at the announcement of Sasaki’s victory and cried with mascara running down her cheeks. Looking back on that time, Sasaki said that she’d been dumbfounded at her winning but couldn’t understand why Tokui was crying. “I thought she was such a kind-hearted person,” she continued, and the audience gave a round of applause. She also revealed her anxiety about winning, even after coming in first place during the online preliminary voting on Nico Nico Douga.

Next up was the “Quiz! Which one is Milky 2010!?” segment. Two pictures would flash on the screen, and they had to guess which belonged to 2010. As photos of hands, scenery and events from over the years appeared on screen, the audience reacted with voices of nostalgia.

After performing their radio program theme song “Hyper Milky Hour”, Sasaki left the stage to prepare for the next item while Mimori, Tokui and Kitta remained. Once again the audition from 8 years ago played on screen, and scenes of Sasaki showing off splits and cartwheels as her special skill, reading out lines, and singing the audition song “Triangler” appeared one after another.

At the end of the montage, they began talking about how well the current Sasaki suited Elly. Kitta then called out “With that, let’s welcome Sendai representative Mikoi Sasaki!”, and Sasaki reappeared on stage in a dress resembling the one she’d worn at her audition. “I’m Mikoi Sasaki of the Sendai district representative. Please treat me kindly,” Sasaki introduced herself, and began the “Elly is Sasaki! Audition 2018” segment.
She re-enacted her special skill, lines and song from the 2010 audition just like how the video had shown. Unfortunately she couldn’t perform the cartwheel this time, but she did a just as elegant and flexible pose. Following that, she read lines from a Milky Holmes script and the four members acted out their respective parts. It was a rare chance to watch. “Triangler” was performed, and they announced the results. Sasaki admirably won the “Elly is Sasaki! Audition 2018” Grand Prix.

As Saskai left to change, the other three members performed the song “Neppu Kairiku Bushiroad ~Atsuki Houkou~ (Hyper Euro Version)” form their pre-debut period when they still had no original songs of their own. The screen showed old footage of the three of them singing, and 9 years of history permeated the atmosphere. After the addition of Sasaki, they animatedly reminisced the old days before and after Milky Holmes’ formation.


Mimori, Tokui, Sasaki and Kitta then each performed a solo song.
During the performance of “Reflection”, which was released in 2018 and choreographed by Kitta, the Milkians in the audience also danced along.

Following that were two nostalgic songs, “Milky tea time” and “Kikoenakutemo Arigatou”.


During their debut period, the two songs were indispensable at concerts ever since they were performed at their first live in July 2010. As their songs grew in number however, they began to perform them less.
“Milky tea time” had been written by Saori Kodama specially for their first live. With the image of afterschool teatime, the four members expressed the song well: “Even though you’re not my type your presence is mysteriously comforting.” Tokui remembered how they had sat down while singing with teacups in their hands at their 2012 concert in Nippon Budokan. Kitta had bought cups in the members’ colors (pink for Mimori, yellow for Tokui, green for Sasaki and blue for Kitta), and was overjoyed when the lyrics “the different-colored cups are lined up together like friends” were included in the song.

The climax of the event swelled with the performances of “Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!” and “Miracle x Panic♡Endless”. They then announced their last live at their sacred ground and the location of “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” Yokohama, to be held in February 2019. Before that they would begin the first of the “Milky Holmes Road to Final” series with an event in June 2018.

As the audience made a stir, Mimori said: “We have an important announcement to make to everyone. We, Milky Holmes, began “Project MILKY HOLMES” in February 2009. Since then we worked hard and surged towards our goal of 10 years. In February 2019, Milky Holmes will finally reach that goal.”
Kitta explained the origin of the name Milky Holmes, recalling how they had been drinking milk tea during a “Project MILKY HOLMES” meeting in February 2009 and later came up with the name because of that.
Tokui expressed her gratitude towards the fans, saying that even though it was lonely she wanted to meet their goal together with all the fans and use all her energy till the last live.
Sasaki stated that she wanted them all to run all the way through with smiles.
“Rather than “the end” we want to see this as “the goal” and cut through the finish line together with the energy of all our fans,” said Mimori, to the deafening applause of the venue.

“Let’s finish today’s event with a smile as always,” said Kitta, and the smiles gradually returned to the Milkians’ faces. The live concluded with a performance of “Ame Agari no Mirai”, the song of Milky Holmes’ beginning.


With the announcement of the last live, the lyrics of the songs performed that day brought an air of sorrow. The lyrics that Milky Holmes expressed so well connected with reality; there was heartache, but it doesn’t mean it’s entirely sad. Let’s continue to support Milky Holmes with a smile until they meet their goal in February 2019.

Set List

01 Party Party!
“Milky Radio spin-off revival”
02 Hyper Milky Hour
“Elly is Sasaki! Audition 2018”
Triangler / Mikoi Sasaki
03 Neppu Kairiku Bushiroad ~Atsuki Houkou~ (Hyper Euro Version)
04 Ijin Senjin Oh, Hero!!
05 Heartful Tantei ☆ Nero
06 Heart Mystery
07 Gorgeous Sensitive
08 Reflection
09 Milky tea time
10 Kikoenakutemo Arigatou
11 Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!
12 Miracle × Panic♡Endless
13 Ame Agari no Mirai

“Milky Holmes Road to Final” first event (Title subject to change)
June, 2018
To be decided

“Milky Holmes Last Live” (Title subject to change)
February, 2019 at Yokohama
To be decided

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