A Hand Sumo and Ryogoku Medley! The December Grand Milky Holmes Ryogoku Concert Report

手押し相撲に長尺両国メドレー!両国ならではの“大ミルキィホームズ 十二月場所”ライブレポート
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A Hand Sumo and Ryogoku Medley! The December Grand Milky Holmes Ryogoku Concert Report

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On December 9, 2017, The December Grand Milky Holmes event with Milky Holmes, Feathers, and Shuta Morishima was held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.

Milky Holmes is a voice actress unit from the game, TV anime, and mixed media title “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”. The group’s four members include Sherlock “Sheryl” Shellingford played by Suzuko Mimori, Nero Yuzurizaki played by Sora Tokui, Hercule “Elly” Burton played by Mikoi Sasaki, and Cordelia Glauca played by Izumi Kitta. Additionally, Feathers, Milky Holmes’ junior unit, also features characters from the same work. Feathers is a duet made up of Kazumi Tokiwa played by Aimi and Alice Myojingawa played by Ayasa Ito. Shuta Morishima, who plays the role of Opera Kobayashi at Milky Holmes’ trainer, also made an appearance.

The venue where the concert was held, the Ryogoku Kokugikan, is a sports arena that hosts the Grand Sumo Tournament and fighting sports. Each of the four sides of the arena is decorated with the names of the tournament’s past winners. The center stage is set up as the arena ring, and a walkway connects the stage sets to the main stage.

Here opening time was met with an atmosphere quite different from the usual concert venue set up. Once the lights had dimmed inside the venue, Morishima and Feathers appeared on stage. As he called out, “All December Grand Milky Holmes participants please come out!” each performer came out one-by-one. In light of the kickboxing event “KING OF KNOCK OUT 2017 Ryogoku” scheduled for the following day, each performer made their appearance as if they were a competitive athlete. He introduced Aimi and Ito from Feathers with a large cheer from the crowd. Then, Mimori, Tokui, Sasaki, and Kitta followed suit. Posing for the cameras and the audience, and each striking a fighting pose, the four members of Milky Holmes took to the center of the stage. Finally, Morishita, after catching himself, Morishita kicked off the concert by uttering, “Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!”

“Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!” is the opening song of TV anime “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” that was broadcast in 2010, and the anthem of Milky Holmes. As the intro of it began, excitement soared among Milky-an (Milky Holmes fans). This was followed by “Milky A GO GO”, with its fun to sing and dance-a-along with chorus, and then “Soutennenshoku Full Power”, hitting the audience with their best songs right out of the gate.

Grand-Milky Holmes-20171209-01

They moved from the center stage to the main stage, they struck a pose, giving their familiar introduction of, “Good evening, everyone. We’d like to welcome all here, to the December Grand Milky Holmes. We’re Suzuko Mimori, Sora Tokui, Mikoi Sasaki, and Izumi Kitta, Yokohama’s first Tantei Milky Holmes!” Then they burst into “Glory Glowing☆DAYS” and “Prologue wa Ashita Iro”.

“Now we’d like to introduce our special friends,” Milky Holmes began as Feathers appeared on the main stage. A sofa had been prepared on stage for Ito, who wasn’t able to dance because of her leg injury.Both dressed in the costumes from the Milky Holmes Feathers First Live from 2014, both girls sat on the sofa and sang, “Two of Us Muteki♪”. During the interlude, they put on a comical exchange about Ito’s injured leg that got the audience really pumped up, before Morishima belted into “ANSWER” with his clear and powerful singing voice.

This time Milky Holmes chose to hold their concert at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, a holy site for sumo, of course, and fighting sports. So in light of this, they unveiled their plans to hold a “KING OF TEOSHIZUMO(Hand Sumo)” tournament.
Hand sumo is played with two people facing each other with their legs together. Then, they push the palms of their hands together until one person loses their balance and step away or move and loses. They’ve played hand sumo a number of times on the Milky Homes variety show “Miru Miru Milky”, so its inclusion was familiar for fans.
Each match started when a gong rang during a duet song two members were singing. With four members, the member who won the most matches was declared the winner.

First, Mimori went up against Kitta. Right after the first chorus of their duet song “Sore wa TOYS☆”, they turned to face one another. “Fight!” was yelled with the sound of a gong, and the match began! Because both girls lost their balance, a rematch was called, where Mimori came out the first victor.

Next was Tokui and Nitta’s duet song “Wonderful Combination”. Up until now Tokui had never won a match, but keeping her resolve to stay standing despite being pushed, she won for the first time

This was followed up with a match between Tokui and Sasaki, while they sang “Gimme Milky”. Because it was her first victory ever, she anticipated on winning two matches in a row, but she was defeated by Sasaki.

Then, for an exhibition match, Aimi and Ito challenged each other in a thumb war. (A thumb war is played by two people, holding opposite hands together with their other four fingers, using their thumb to try and pin their opponent’s thumb down until the count of 10.) Sitting in the same sofa on stage, they turned to face each other after performing “Seishun Beginner!”. A fierce battle began as both girls tried to pin the other’s thumb, but in the end Ito was the first one to hold down Aimi’s thumb until 10.

After that, the battled turned to hand sumo again. Sasaki and Kitta faced off in the duet song “Milky Way de Aimashou” Their match began after they gracefully sang and danced to its waltz-y rhythm. This was Kitta’s last chance, who had already lost the previous two rounds, but Sasaki came out the victor. She lost all its games, Kitta was eliminated.

The next duet song was “Moonlight Tantei S&N” by Mimori and Tokui. It was an exciting match with both girls going in for the attack, but finally Mimori won.

Then, for the last match, it was the final battle between Mimori and Sasaki, each with two wins so far. After they sang their duet song, “Isshokenmei”, Sasaki pulled off a brilliant victory.

Grand-Milky Holmes-20171209-02

After the fierce fight to be crowned the “KING OF TEOSHIZUMO” came to a close, the intro to the chorus of “Milky Attack” began. Without a moment for any of the excitement from the hand sumo tournament to fade, the everyone in the audience excitedly swung their towels while calling out, “Wasshoi!”

The next number they performed was their new song that was just released November 2017, “Reflection”. It’s a cool song that has a sprinting feel to it. Prior to the song’s start, Kitta gave a dance lesson to the audience so that Milky An could dance along. In spite of it being the first time they’d performed this song live, the performance on stage and from the audience was breathtaking.

They followed this up with another 2017 release, “Pleasure Stride”, and after that they performed a special “Ryogoku Medley” put together just for the day’s show.

It started with the intro to “Fun Fun Party Night♪” and right before the vocal part switched to “Fure Fure my Yuuki”, and then continud into “Milky tea time”. “Fure Fure my Yuuki!” and “Milky tea time” are both songs from 2010 from right around the time the group first formed in 2010, and it had been three years since either of them had been performed live. They continued with a few more songs, going through 12 songs in total in around 10 minutes time. After this emotional rush of a medley through the group’s history up until now, they finished the show off by performing the original version of their 1st single in 2010, “Ame Agari no Mirai”.

In response from the calls for an encore from the audience, Milky Holmes took the stage yet again. After singing, “Fighting☆Dramatic”, they talked about  “KING OF KNOCK OUT 2017 Ryogoku” that was scheduled the next day. Hitting on the topic of the boxing term TKO (technical knock out), they then performed “Dream Nonai T.K.O!!!!” in special colored members gloves that had been made in collaboration with “KING OF KNOCK OUT 2017 Ryogoku”.

Grand-Milky Holmes-20171209-03

Feathers and Morishima joined the stage to talk about how they felt about the concert, and then left the stage, leaving Milky Holmes by themselves. Each of the members shared their thoughts about the show, looking back over 2017.

For their last songs, shouts of “Have a nice day cheerfully tomorrow!” were followed by “Bye Bye Yell!”. Everyone on stage and in the audience waved, and then the curtain fell. They ran a lap around the audience seats along the center stage, and reluctantly parted with Milky An and exited the stage.

From their fighting spirit style entrance, duet songs, hand sumo, new song performances, and a medley loaded with memorable, older numbers, it was a grippingly satisfying concert full of Milky Holmes’ best charms.

Grand-Milky Holmes-20171209-04

On December 31, 2017, there were a special broadcast of the new TV anime “Miru Miru Milky”. Then the group has a ton more events in store, with the release their 15th single “Reflection” in January 2018, followed by a fan club event in February.
There’s no sign of pausing from their current momentum as Milky Holmes embarks on their 9th year together in 2018!

The December Grand Milky Holmes
Set List

01 Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!
02 Milky A GO GO
03 Soutennenshoku Full Power
04 Glory Glowing☆DAYS
05 Prologue wa Ashita Iro
06 Two of Us Muteki♪
08 Sore wa TOYS☆
09 Wonderful Combination
10 Gimme Milky
11 Seishun Beginner!
12 Milky Way de Aimashou
13 Moonlight Tantei S&N
14 Issho Kenmei
15 Milky Attack
16 Reflection
17 Pleasure Stride
18 Ryogoku Medley
18-01 Fun Fun Party Night♪
18-02 Fure Fure my Yuuki!
18-03 Milky tea time
18-04 Oide Spectacle!
18-05 Hyper Milky Hour
18-06 Party Party!
18-07 Milky Rock ‘n’ roll
18-08 Day by Day ~Kimi to Issho ni
18-09 Miru Miru UP↑↑
18-10 Nakimushi TREASURES
18-11 Shouri No Kizuna
18-12 Nazo! Nazo? Happiness!!
19 Ame Agari no Mirai

E01 Fighting☆Dramatic
E02 Dream Nonai T.K.O!!!!
E03 Bye Bye Yell!

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Reflection / Milky Holmes
Reflection / Milky Holmes

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Translated by Jamie Koide

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