Unexpected Affinity Between Internet Label “Maltine Records” and Idol Culture

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Unexpected Affinity Between Internet Label “Maltine Records” and Idol Culture

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Maltine Records is the Japanese internet label founded in 2005 by tomad when he was sixteen. Through releasing songs mostly for free, the label has been achieving huge success. During the decade, tomad discovered many artists of genius from the internet and sent off them to the major label. tofubeats, one of the most Maltine related artists, now belongs to Warner Music Japan and is very famous across the nation for his wide-range of works. Maltine Records now roars its name all over the world as the most influential internet label in Japan.


The artists related to the label has been involving idols. tofubeats would be the first one who undertook producing idol. He remixed “Momoiro Punch” included in Momoiro Clover’s second single “Mirai e Susume” released in 2009. Starting with the collaboration with Momoiro Clover, Maltine Records began to engage in an idol for real. The songs collaborated with idol are classified as MARUI(MARUtine×Idol). Some songs are released for free and some are not. Let’s see some MARUI and Maltine-related songs here.

Mahou Shojo☆Miman by Nemu Yumemi from was chosen as a first product of MARUI and the glorious model number MARUI-001 was awarded. Passing 6 years since its release, Nemu still keeps singing this song at Akihabara Dear☆Stage at her event “Yumemi-ken”. This CD has already gone out of production but it can be seen in auctions to be sold at a very high rate like over 20,000 yen.

The model number “MARUI-003” is called Maltine Girls’ Wave. Maltine Records collaborated with Tokyo girls’ Style and released a CD from avex entertainment. The CD contains 4 different songs featuring each member and remixes of songs of TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE. The special website created by Tamio Iwaya also known as GraphersRock who often designs’s official goods such as a cover photo of “Sakura Apparation”. In those days, Maltine-linked artists more often came to collaborate with idols.

The latest Maltine-Idol works are the collaboration of Mikeneko Homeless and Nagi Nemoto from Niji no Conquistador. They in succession released three songs “Soba ga Tabetai”, “Purity”, and “America with Masayoshi Iimori” and the cover photos having gathered huge attention were produced by mofuku-chan written as a senior oppaist in credits. In fact, Niji no Conquistador’s debut single “Pikushibu-Ondo” was composed by Mikeneko Homeless.

tofubeats has once joined Musashino Art University’s graduation products and written an experience note about his first handshaking event with Perfume. He concludes the note with this sentence.

A weekend party is not given only in the club but the housetop of department store, electronics retail store, or shopping center. You may find the girl makes your life shine there. Wear new shoes. The first experience of handshake changes your life.

Maltine-linked artists are surely talented musicians who have grown up in the internet. Yet, they are also just one of idol fans like you and me. Maltine records offers you wide variety of songs for free. Download them and dive into the sea of internet.

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