Unite the World! BABYMETAL Releases the Anthemic MV for “THE ONE”

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Unite the World! BABYMETAL Releases the Anthemic MV for “THE ONE”

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BABYMETAL released the live-performance music video for “THE ONE” which will be included in their new album “METAL RESISTANCE” (Release Date:1st April 2016). This song will definitely hit the world chart!

The MV was premiered at USA prior to release on the official website. This footage is composed of their live performance in “BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2015 in JAPAN – THE FINAL CHAPTER OF TRILOGY -” held at Yokohama Arena on December 13th, 2015. The members rode the triangle-shaped gondola and circled over the venue while singing “THE ONE”. Although it was the first time they performed the song in front of fans, it worked really impressive arrangement as the last song in the encore.

The song has a strong message, “unite the world with the music of BABYMETAL”. While they moved around the crowds of fans with the gondola, they felt this message more than ever.

The international edition of “METAL RESISTANCE” will contain the full English version of “THE ONE”. This is their first challenge to sing a song with only English lyric. In addition, the web membership edition will include “Unfinished” version of the song that features tone of piano and strings.

Anyway, there is no doubt that “THE ONE” will be the anthem in this year’s world tour.

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As we already announced, BABYMETAL will hold their world concert tour beginning from the SSE Arena, Wembley London on April 2nd. On the day, they will be the very first Japanese artist who hold an one-man concert at the SSE Arena. Furthermore, the final day of the world tour will be held at Tokyo Dome!

Now is the time to unite under BABYMETAL! Everybody, get ready and believe in the fox force!

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