“LISTEN TO AI SHINOZAKI”! Can You Stop Staring and Hear Her Song?

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“LISTEN TO AI SHINOZAKI”! Can You Stop Staring and Hear Her Song?

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Ai Shinozaki has a new mobile exclusive MV which may have her fans feeling conflicted! In promoting her first album “EAT ‘EM AND SMILE” (release date: December 9), she has launched a “LISTEN TO AI SHINOZAKI──Watashi wo, Kiite” project where a MV for “Memorize” is only available to watch on smartphones but, no music will play unless you can bring yourself to flip over your device and stop looking at Ai Shinozaki!

Even with no sound playing, you can almost hear the disappointment in each sigh escaping from her lips as she stares back at you. There is an option where you can Tweet your results too! For those of you out there who are enchanted by her amazing voice as well as her unbelievable body and face, the song is definitely worth a listen! Here is a short movie which shows how it works. If you were thinking, “I’ll just watch it while lying on my back!”, you will be disappointed to know that the screen goes blank when the device is placed screen down. We tried it.

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In addition to that, all images of Ai Shinozaki have been removed from her official site and Twitter (aside from the pictures she is tweeting of course) to match the cover of the album and posters which are a simple white background with no images of Shinozaki on them.

Promotional Poster simply reads "Do you look or do you listen?"

Promotional Poster simply reads “Do you look or do you listen?”

Not to worry, she previously released a MV for “HIKARI” from the same album which is packed full of scenes from when she went to New York to take pictures for her recently released photobook of the same name.

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“EAT ‘EM AND SMILE” will be released in a CD/DVD version and a CD-only version. The CD/DVD version includes a 36-page photobook and comes in special packaging and the CD-only version includes a 24-page photobook. It may be difficult to stop staring at Ai Shinozaki (There was even a multimedia art installation at Shibuya Culture Fest where visitors were challenged to peek at her breasts when she wasn’t looking!) but, with such hypnotizing looks, such drastic measures may be necessary to get people to hear her voice. If you can do it, you will not be disappointed!

Track List
01 Noise
03 Memorize
04 A-G-A-I-N (Album Edit)
05 Sweet Pain
06 Boku wo Shinjite
07 Brave
08 Binetsu Annainin (Album Version)

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EAT 'EM AND SMILE / Ai Shinozaki
Ai Shinozaki / Ai Shinozaki

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