Unconventional Unit “LADY BABY” : Nationality, Age, and Gender Don’t Matter for Idol!

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Unconventional Unit “LADY BABY” : Nationality, Age, and Gender Don’t Matter for Idol!

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What do you think are the essential things for idols? Being a young girl? Being slender? Having pretty face? We would say “No”! Here for LADY BABY, those doesn’t matter at all!


Left : Rie Kaneko, Center : Ladybeard, Right : Rei Kuromiya

The leader for the group is Ladybeard, who used to be cross-dressing wrester in Hong kong. He is originally from Australia, but currently active as “kawaii performers” with his cute fashion! Other members are Rie Kaneko, Rei Kuromiya, and sometimes Shizu Mizuno. It’s already ended, but until April 20th they were recruiting a new member; however, it’s limited to a “dog” under 6 year old. No one knows what they are going to do!

So a question comes up here…what are they really doing? They haven’t performed on stages yet, but they’ll show the first performance in May 31st.  Let’s look forward to seeing it!

Two videos are released, don’t miss it too!

vol.0: Beginning

vo.1 : Where are our stage costumes?

Event information
Natsuno Mamono Pre Event
Date : May 31st
Open/Start : 10:00/11:15
Venue : Shinjiku Red Nose

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