Loving Idol is Happiness! DEADLIFT LOLITA Reveals MV for “Kimiterasu Sairiumu”

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Loving Idol is Happiness!  DEADLIFT LOLITA Reveals MV for “Kimiterasu Sairiumu”

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DEADLIFT LOLITA, the muscular idol duo of Reika Saiki and Ladybeard, revealed the long-awaited MV for “Kimiterasu Sairiumu” which was released on March 31, 2017.

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Starting with Ladybeard’s scream, the song sings about the feeling of an idol fan who loves his/her oshi. The keywords/phrases such as Cyalume, kecha, takai, and the “Tiger! Fire! Cyber! Fiber!” appear in the lyrics, the excitement of Japanese idol culture can be captured in the video!

English, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified) subtitles are available for the video!  Checking the staff credit, you can see that English subtitle is translated by Ladybeard!

The music for “Kimi Terasu Sairiumu” was composed by Shade, who arranged it with Yamato, who also contributed the guitar parts. The lyrics are by Emako Iwasa and backing vocals are provided by Rekka Katakiri.

The song is available on iTunes (and Amazon Music). Get it now and cheer them up!


Kimi Terasu Sairiumu [iTunes]

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