Nyan Nyan Jack! AKB48 Kojima Haruna Is Taking Taiwan By Storm!

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Nyan Nyan Jack! AKB48 Kojima Haruna Is Taking Taiwan By Storm!

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Known for her fashion sense in the group, AKB48’s Kojima Haruna has been gracing Taiwanese magazines in various spreads and covers in the recent weeks, taking the country by storm.

Having celebrated her birthday in Taiwan with a solo birthday fan meeting in mid April, the model opens up her marketability with a feature in VOGUE Taiwan’s May Issue. With photos taken by renowned Mika Ninagawa, the spread showcases the vibrant floral set that Ninagawa’s photo-shoots are known for, along with Kojima’s versatility.


Kojima is featured as the cover girl for CHOC May Issue, as well as the recently released June Issue of BEAUTY. Being a double-cover issue, Kojima’s cover for CHOC went out of stocks in stores, soon after it was released. In the interviews, she opens up about her make-up techniques, as well as tips to taking care of her skin.



Kojima lets on that she is proudest when it comes to her eye makeup, citing that fellow members praised her about how natural it looks. She recommends massage once a week to de-stress, as well doing simple facial massage every morning to maintain good skin condition.

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