Kanna Hashimoto is “Stupid-Cool” in the New Cup Noodle Commercial!

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Kanna Hashimoto is “Stupid-Cool” in the New Cup Noodle Commercial!

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In addition to Kanna Hashimoto being the “once in a thousand years idol”, it seems that she is pretty handy at doing tricks with everyday objects as shown in the latest commercials for Nissin Cup Noodles.

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The theme of the commercial is “baka-kkoii” which is a combination of the words “baka” (stupid) and “kakkoii” (cool), which describes the way that Kanna goes out of her way to do things in an unnecessarily difficult and flashy way. She does things like kicking her shoe into the air and two male students juggle it like a soccer ball before kicking it onto the shelf! Instead of just putting an eraser in another students pencil case, Kanna bounces it off of a spinning globe! As the entire school looks on, she flips 3 forks into some Cup Noodles and confetti rains down as everyone celebrates!

This definitely isn’t the first time that these kinds of tricks were done by idols. If you recall AKB48’s MV for “Tsugi no Season” from their 28th single “UZA” (release date: October 31, 2012). The most impressive one shown has to be Anna Iriyama’s no-look toss into the trash can or Karen Iwata throwing the bag into the bike basket as Mariya Nagao rides by.

But if you’re a hardcore old school idol fan, you might recall the series from Morning Musume’s show Haromoni@ where Eri Kamei and Risa Niigaki would do all kinds of crazy challenges like throwing books onto bookshelves or using bouncing balls to turn off a television. It might have been the greatest display of “baka-kkoii” the world has ever seen, especially when some of them took several hundred attempts to pull off! It seems that Hello! Project doesn’t have them on their YouTube channel but, you might still be able to find clips of it.

Despite all this reminiscing about idols doing throwing tricks, it remains a mystery as to why everyone is eating their instant ramen with forks. In a world where it seems like anything is possible with CG or camera tricks, isn’t it fun to see something that actually takes effort, patience, and clever thinking to pull off?

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