J-MELO 10th Anniversary Concert : Morning Musume。’15, Eir Aoi, Silent Siren, and May J. On Stage!

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J-MELO 10th Anniversary Concert : Morning Musume。’15, Eir Aoi, Silent Siren, and May J.  On Stage!

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On October 7th, J-MELO 10th anniversary concert was held at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo.

J-MELO is a global TV program on NHK World specializing Japanese music of all genres ranging from pop and rock to jazz and classical, as some of you already might know. At the anniversary concert, the four artists often featured on the TV, Morning Musume。’15, Silent Siren, Eir Aoi, and May J. had performances.

Before the concert starts, special pre-talk hosted by Morning Musume。 12th generation members: Haruna Ogata, Miki Nonaka, Maria Makino, and Akane Haga. Members talked about their dreams in the future. Ogata appealed her love to figure skating and wanted to try live coverage of it. Making acrobatic movements, Nonaka said that she wanted to make the most of the ability, besides her English.

The concert started with Eir Aoi, who’s globally known as an anisong singer. Performing the first song “Sirius”, OP song for anime “Kiru la Kiru”, she continued to the next song “Kasumi”, making the venue filled with blue cyalume. After she performed “Cynthia”, she had MC and promoted her latest single “SHOEGAZER” produced by GLAY’s Hisashi, releasing October 28th. Following it, two songs were performed in succession, “Lapis Lazuli”, the ED song for Arslan Senki, and “Ignite”, the OP song for Sword Art Online II. Through the stage, she definitely showed energetic and emotional performance to shake the audience.

Silent Siren appeared on the stage, after May J.’s short MC talking about her memories of overseas performance in Oman. In contrast to Eir Aoi’s blue cyalume, the audience was filled with pink lights for Silent Siren. They appeared with “Hachigatsu no Yoru”, and performed “Lucky Girl”, where the audience were waving hands during main chorus. After MC, they performed “Secret base”, the popular song originally by Zone, saying, “It’s already autumn but we’ll show the bittersweet summer song”. Ending with the two upbeat songs “DanceMusiQ” and “Guru Guru Wonderland”, Silent Siren appealed their co-existence of cuteness and powerfulness.

The timetable was not announced for the event but, when lots of bright laser beams suddenly started crossing, Morning Musume。’15 appeared on the stage, as people expected. They started with all English lyrics song “One and Only”, which is OP song for J-MELO currently and performed for the first time on that day. After the self-introduction, they talked about their best memories of J-MELO shooting.

Following the short MC, three songs with different taste were performed, “Sukatto My Heart” with matured and sexy style, “HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? ~Nihonwa Donna Kanji Dekka~” with rock taste, and “What is LOVE?” with up-beating sound. They continued to perform various styles in the last two songs. Jumping into EDM dance styled song “One・Two・Three”, and ended with “Wagamama Kinomama Aino Joke”.

The headliner of the concert was J-MELO’s host May J. She appeared with “Garden”, a cover song of legendary popular J-pop song originally by Sugar Soul. Performing four songs, “Be mine ~Kimi ga Suki dayo”, “Sunshine Baby!”, “Kaze ni Naritai”, and “RAINBOW”, her most popular song “Let It Go”. She’s singing a Japanese version of the song for the film “FROZEN” with Japanese subtitle, and her “Let It Go” hit among especially young girls. Listening her “Let It Go” on TV or Internet, everyone must have agreed that she is a talented singer, but you must be astonished by her great power of expression when hearing her songs in live. After listening her song with unconstrained, clear, yet strong voice, I realized that I was a little bit freezing, though I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the air conditioner or her god-blessed beautiful voice. She ended the concert with “Sparkle –Kagayaki wo Shinjite-“, the positive song singing about that every dream comes true if you believe, J-MELO 10th anniversary concert finished with peaceful atmosphere.

As Suu from Silent Siren said “I hope female artists will lead Japanese pop music”, as May J. said “We’ll keep bringing exciting Japanese music to the world”, I hope J-pop music by girls including the four artists on the event will get stronger presence in the world. The program will be aired on the days below in November 2015, so be sure to check it!

On-air schedule
Part1: Eir Aoi
International (NHK WORLD) November 2nd, 0:10, 6:10, 12:30, and 18:30(All in JST)
Domestic (NHK BS Premium) November 7th, 26:40~

Part2: Silent Siren
International (NHK WORLD) November 9th, 0:10, 6:10, 12:30, and 18:30(All in JST)
Domestic (NHK BS Premium) November 14th, 26:40~

Part3: Morning Musume。’15
International (NHK WORLD) November 16th, 0:10, 6:10, 12:30, and 18:30(All in JST)
Domestic (NHK BS Premium) November 21st, 26:40~

Part4: May J.
International (NHK WORLD) November 23th, 0:10, 6:10, 12:30, and 18:30(All in JST)
Domestic (NHK BS Premium) November 28th, 26:40~ 

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