Eir Aoi

Eir Aoi

Life History of Eir Aoi

Eir Aoi, a Japanese singer found through a video sharing website called Nico Nico Douga. She had born in Sapporo, Hokkaido of Japan on 30 November 1988. Eir Aoi signed with SME Records.

Her singing career started at the time high school where she formed a band. Later on, she completed her graduation and started working as a gravure idol under the name of Yuri Arisawa.

She started performing in public places soon after quitting modeling career. On 19th October, 2011, Eir Aoi launched her debut single “Memoria” and 2011 anime series “Fate/Zero” used this single as their first ending theme song.

On 5th Sepetember, 2012, her second single released in the market and anime series ”Mobile Suit Gundam Age” used this single as their fourth opening theme song. Soon on 21st November, 2012, Eir Aoi released her third single “Innocence” and again 2012 anime series “Sword Art Online” used it as their second opening theme song.

Consecutively, her fourth single “Cobalt Sky” launched in on 26 June 2013 and Eir Aoi is coming up with her fifth single “Sirius” in November 2013. This single is ready for use in the opening theme of anime series “Kill la Kill”.

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