Girls Be Ambitious and Kawaii! The Search For the Cutest Schoolgirl in Japan Heats Up!
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The annual event “National High School girl Miss Contest (Zenkoku Joshi Kousei Miss Contest)”, where the prettiest high school girl in Japan will be chosen, has started supported by Purikura company Furyu, web news media Model Press, and internet portal site HJ Inc.


Past winners include popular fashion models such as Kumiko Funayama and Chisato Yoshiki.

Entries for the contest began on July 2016 and 14 finalists from 6 different regions (Hokkaido/Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Shikoku/Chugoku, Kyushu/Okinawa) across Japan were selected in October. From those 84 girls in total, the field was narrowed to 14 grand prix finalists on December 10th. Here are the photos of the final 14! Who do you think will be chosen as the cutest JK in Japan this year?!


The 14 finalists are undergoing dance and voice training as they prepare for the grand prix final on March 29th, 2017. The winner will be signed to a modeling agency and receive many opportunities to work in the entertainment industry.


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