Only Cute Memories Please! SNOW Saves Schoolgirls From Gloomy and Uncute School Days!

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Only Cute Memories Please! SNOW Saves Schoolgirls From Gloomy and Uncute School Days!

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If you are following Japanese idols or models on social media, you surely have seen pictures or short videos that have been heavily edited with the app “SNOW” showing them with bunny or cat ears and noses! Girls have been using the app since summer of 2016 and it seems the movement is not quite dead yet.

To begin with, why SNOW is so popular? Simply, it makes the user look much much cuter than they are in real life, just like purikura. Fair skin, bigger eyes, soft focus, hiding your complex parts with some cute stamps such as cat ears. Adding to that, there is a reason why it became so popular especially among schoolgirls. SNOW makes everyone in one picture cuter with a few taps of the screen -no one will left behind. It’s perfect for taking a group shot! You are not supposed to cheat your friends by making only YOU cuter. SNOW is a tool for keeping your friendships strong.

At every junior or high school in Japan, every graduating student receives a “Sotsugyo Album” (Graduation photo album) which contains individual pictures of everyone in the same grade, club activities, school events, and daily life. Most of them are taken by (old) teachers and students are always not happy with the quality or old-fashioned framing of the photos, as they have more knowledge of making them look cuter.

However, what if Sotsugyo Album would be edited with SNOW? The video below shows such a dream world for girls and it is going to be happening in real life via SNOW’s promotion campaign named “Morubamu” (a combination of “moru” 盛る slang for “stylish” combined with album).

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For the first project, one junior or high school will win the right to have a special photo shoot and receive a SNOW edited special Sotsugyou photo book! The application period ends on February 7th (

snow-morubamu-03 snow-morubamu-01snow-morubamu-05

Although a graduation album is an official commemorative item you only receive once in your life, girls do not seem to care if they are casually edited with SNOW. What is important to them is whether they look cute or not! They don’t want to have uncute memories haunting them for the rest of their lives! Go away old teachers with your uncool ideas!

Some, especially boys, complain that girls have been heavily addicted to using SNOW as it looks totally fake compared to reality. However, SNOW is a casual but magical tool that allows every girl to feel that they are living in a fantasy world. Is it that bad to enjoy it?

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