Japan Seifuku Award : Hottest School Girls & Boys in Seifuku Were Chosen!

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Japan Seifuku Award : Hottest School Girls & Boys in Seifuku Were Chosen!

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20 winners including Grand Prix and second place was chosen for “The Fourth JAPAN SEIFUKU AWARD“, a contest that decides the school girls and boys who suit school uniform the best in Japan.

“JAPAN SEIFUKU AWARD” is an image model contest by CONOMi, a uniform brand popular among teenagers. Those who are chosen for Grand Prix and second place will become CONOMi’s catalog and image model, in which 200,000 copies will be distributed.

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The fourth contest had more than 2,500 student applicants, and 20 winners were chosen through careful consideration. 3 out of 20 were from Tokyo, but others came from Niigata, Sendai, Osaka, and Ehime, which shows how this was a nationwide model contest.


The lucky girl who won Grand Prix among girls was Erika Suzuki, a senior from Tochigi prefecture. She is also a member of the idol group “PPP!PiXiON”. With her charming smile, she became the model who “suits school uniform the best in Japan”.

Grand Prix among boys was Taichi Fujisaki, a junior from Osaka prefecture.


Runners-up were: Saki Ogawa (Osaka), Mion Yuzuki (Ehime), KEIGO (Nara), Haruto Kubo (Shiga), and more!

There are also winners who received the photogenic award and sponsor award, so check them out in CONOMi’s website!

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