@JAM the Field vol. 10: A Colorful Snapshot of the Japanese Idol Scene in 2016!

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@JAM the Field vol. 10: A Colorful Snapshot of the Japanese Idol Scene in 2016!

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@JAM the Field vol. 10 gathered together 12 of Japan’s hottest up and coming idol groups at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM for a day of incredible performances on November 26, 2016.

Menkoi Girls

Gunma prefecture local idols Menkoi Girls were the opening act, giving an enthusiastic performance that showed why they were one of the finalists for U.M.U AWARD 2016, which was taking place the following day.

Menkoi Girls Official site:

Maneki Kecha

Despite Chiai Fujikawa resting her voice due to Maneki Kecha’s Tokyo/Osaka tour which began the following day at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM, there was no shortage of excitement once they hit the stage. From the opening lines of “Joudan Janai ne” until the ending refrains of their major label debut single “Kimiwazurai”, it was a tightly packed set that had their fans close to the point of overheating despite the chilly weather outside.

01 Joudan Janai ne
02 Arikitari na Kotoba de
03 Kokuhaku no Susume
04 Time Machine
05 Kimiwazurai

Maneki Kecha Official site:

sora tob sakana

Precocious post-rock idol group sora tob sakana rode a cascade of piano notes as they washed ashore with “Yozora no Zenbu” and rumbled through “Summer Plan”. After wriggling their way through “Koukoku no Machi”, the members reminded the audience to not miss their next regular performance at nearby Ebisu Cre:Ato or their appearances at TOKYO IDOL PROJECT × @JAM New Year Premium Party. Heating things up at the end with “Natsu no Tobira”, the first of the fish-themed groups in the lineup for the day were in fin(e) form.

01 Yozora no Zenbu
02 Summer Plan
03 Koukoku no Machi
04 Title Mutei
05 Natsu no Tobira

sora tob sakana Official site:


Their silky outfits fluttering about them, GEM took the stage next, jumping right in with their anthem “We’re GEM” and “spotlight”. The popularity of Hirari Nishida had Nana Minamiguchi wondering if all the blue lights might be for her and Rana Murakami begging the audience to give her some love as well. Debuting their new song “Sugar Baby” for the first time at a tai-ban event, GEM had hands waving to their “koakuma dance”. Their big finish came with a wild rendition of “Can’t Stop Loving”, the fans chanting “G-E-M” while Kako Oguri flipped up Yuki Kanazawa’s skirt while Maho Iyama and Lana banged their heads furiously.

01 We’re GEM!
02 Spotlight
03 Sugar Baby
04 Party Up
05 Can’t Stop Loving

GEM Official site:


OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO exploded onto the stage, revving up the mood with “BABY CRAZY” before cooling things down with “Shine” and What you gonna do”. Their upcoming single “New Me”, a sassy jazzy tune created by Canadian multiplatinum songwriter Jenson Vaughan (music) and Osaka hip-hop group Insist (lyrics), showed another side to OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO as they got the audience waving their hands to the foot-stomping beats and growling saxophones. Closing out with fan favorite “Let you fly”, it was a strong start to a weekend which also saw them attracting a big crowd at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2016 the following day despite the cold rain falling all around the outdoor stage.

02 Shine
03 What you gonna do
04 New Me
05 Let you fly


Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

Despite the recent departure of Aza Mogeki on November 23rd and the impending withdrawal of Gomochi Narumi hanging over Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, once they unleashed their screams to start their performance, it was as if nothing had changed. The chaotic music was an appropriate soundtrack as they got their fans climbing on top of each other to show their enthusiastic support.

01 Alternative Melancholy
02 Kimi-kun
03 Loser Gospel
04 Ueyu Ueyu Uoo ~ Hinekure no Tari ~
05 Neo Jealous✡Mero Chaos
06 Mudai Gasshou

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Official site:


Having already filled Ebisu LIQUIDROOM a few months earlier for their 2nd anniversary live, Kamiyado hit the stage as the fans chanted loudly to their intro music. Armed with several fan favorites as well as their new songs “Kamchatka Adventure” and “Action” (performing it for the first time outside of a solo concert), Kamiyado looked to be in fine form as they prepared for their December 28th Zepp Diver City one-man live.

01 Hissatsu! Cho-KAMIYADO Senpu
02 Zenkai! KAMIYADO World
03 Summer Dream
04 Kamchatka Adventure
05 Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger
06 Action

Kamiyado Official site:


Fishing idols TsuriBit returned to @JAM the Field for the 3rd time, their plaid skirts twirling as they cast out their lines with “Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku” and reeled in the first of many kechas. Spicing up the mood with Latin flavors of “Gyo Gyo Gyo Mucho” and jazzy Shibuya-kei sounds of “Moso Fishing”, they showed off their wide assortment of techniques, their hooks digging in and reeling in a few more potential attendees to their February 26th Akasaka BLITZ one-man live.

01 Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku
02 Gyo Gyo Gyo Mucho
03 Chu Shitai
04 Moso Fishing
05 Nigashita Sakana wa Ookiizo
06 Uroko Gumo to Orion Za

TsuriBit Official site:

Party Rockets GT

Party Rockets GT blasted off right away with “Nijiiro Rocket”, soaring through a set of new and old songs. Despite Fumika’s concerns that some of the audience might be feeling tired as they were the 9th of 12 groups in the lineup for an event where re-entry was not allowed, there was no indication of fatigue as they clapped along and raised their voices to Ayumi’s English call and response for “Have a Nice Party”. It was a small sample of what was to transpire during their December 18th one-man live at Sound Museum Vision.

01 Nijiiro Rocket
02 Mirae he
03 Beautiful Dreamer
04 Have a Nice Party
05 Dream on Dreamers
06 Dangan High Jump

Party Rockets GT Official site:


Wasuta marched out in their grey/white seifuku and cat ears, the glow of smartphone screens mixing in with penlights as fans snapped photos and took video of the members. Attacking right away with the head-banging “Kanzen na Idol”, Wasuta’s musical journey crossed the border to the flamenco beats of “Lan Lan Jidai” before coming ashore accompanied by the bubbling chiptune sounds of “Nyaku Nyaku Nya Suizokan 2”. Clawing and slashing their way through fan favorite “Inu-Neko Seishun Massakari” and “Ultra Mirakurukuru Ultimate Choco Beam”, Wasuta’s energetic set drew to a close with “Wonderful World”.

01 Kanzen na Idol
02 Lan Lan Jidai
03 Nyaku Nyaku Nya Suizokan 2
04 Inu-Neko Seishun Massakari
05 Ultra Mirakurukuru Ultimate Choco Beam
06 Wonderful World

Wasuta Official site:


With their first Nippon Budokan concert on November 8th still fresh in their hearts and minds, veteran @JAM the Field participants UPUPGIRLS (KARI) delivered a 1-2 punch of cool and cute. Riling up the crowd as they snapped their wrists to “Zenryoku! Pump Up!!” and quickening pulses with “Bare Bare I LOVE YOU”, they went in for the knockout with “Uppercut!”. Unifying fans of all groups as they sang along to “Kimi toiu Kasetsu”, it was a small throwback to that historic night in Kudanshita as UPUPGIRLS (KARI) left the stage.

01 Zenryoku! Pump Up!!
02 Bare Bare I LOVE YOU
03 Kira Kira Mirai
04 Uppercut!
05 Kimi toiu Kasetsu

UPUPGIRLS (KARI) Official site:

Cheeky Parade

Cheeky Parade throttled the energy in Ebisu LIQUIDROOM up to the redline for the final performance of the day, riding their imaginary high-handled bikes (kamachari) out to “Hands up!”, the audience jumping wildly to the aggressive dance rock. “Mugendai Shojo ∀” had all hands coming together during the songs distinctive “furi-copy” and Cheeky Parade popped, locked, and moonwalked through “Tactics”. With towels swinging through the air to “Let’s Party”, the members rushed around the stage, Seran Mizorogi taking out a selfie stick and snapping a picture which can be seen on the Twitter accounts of Yuriya Suzuki and Rino Shimazaki. Hina Nagai’s voice ringing out to begin “M.O.N.ST@R”, Cheeky Parade was surrounded by hundreds of hands pointing up towards the heavens as they brought down the curtain on @JAM the Field vol. 10.

01 Hands up!
02 Mugendai Shojo ∀
03 Tactics
04 dIscovery
05 Let’s Party
06 M.O.N.ST@R

Cheeky Parade Official site:

@JAM the Field vol. 10 was not just the 10th in the series of @JAM’s bi-annual tai-ban events but it was also a snapshot of the current state of the idol scene in Japan in 2016. There were groups aiming to move up to the next level: Kamiyado, Maneki Kecha, TsuriBit, Menkoi Girls, UPUPGIRLS (KARI), Wasuta and sora tob sakana. While others were bravely moving forward after dealing with the loss of members: Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO, Party Rockets GT, GEM, and Cheeky Parade.

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