10 More Idol/Artist Instagram Accounts to Follow Now!

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10 More Idol/Artist Instagram Accounts to Follow Now!

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Since the first installment of our Instagram series, a lot has changed in the world. Popular accounts like those of Minami Takahashi (26.7k followers), and Atsuko Maeda (216k followers) are still around but have long been abandoned. The point of this article is to introduce you to some lesser known accounts which will keep you entertained with a steady stream of content. Here are 10 idol/artist Instagram accounts in no particular order that we think do their best to keep you double tapping your screens!

Ai Shinozaki

The account that most of you out there are already following, Ai Shinozaki documents her journey as a solo singer post-AeLL as she travels to New York to do a surprise live in Times Square. Despite her long career as a gravure idol, Ai doesn’t flood the feed with swimsuit shots. Most of her posts are food related, whether they are pictures of food, pictures of her with food, or pictures declaring how hungry she is. That voice of hers must require a lot of energy! Perhaps the sexiest thing you will see on her feed aside from the picture of her eating that bagel is the video of her eating that shrimp?

Shu YabushitaNMB48 @__yabushita_shu__

In addition to an enviable collection of sneakers, caps, and other streetwear, NMB48’s Shu Yabushita shows off her love for older manga and rock legends as well. While NMB48 seems to be one of the stronger groups when it comes to Instagram usage, Shu differentiates herself from the others by showing us what her latest pickups were instead of every conceivable angle for their “outfit of the day (#ootd).

Shiori MoriPASSPO☆ @mori_shiori

PASSPO☆’s lead vocalist lives up to her reputation as a member of the Hacchake-tai with regular pictures of her post-live drinks and feasts. Since the new year, she’s been posting updates every time she goes running, showing her commitment to helping the group aiming for higher goals as they move forward. Aside from that, it’s business as usual: rock out, party, get put back together with blood cleansing and chiropractics, repeat!

Miku KobataBAND-MAID @kobatomiku

Miku Kobato goes above and beyond for her masters and princesses with a steady flow of content varying from live photos, personal videos, and even a few peeks into her time away from the spotlight.

Manatsu HayashiBabyraids JAPAN @baby_manatsu

From the very beginning of her using Instagram, Manatsu Hayashi has been doing her best to communicate with fans overseas by posting in English as much as possible, asking them to answer back to her and even using widely known hashtags in her posts. Are these the kind of super powers one gets after going blonde? It’s unfortunate that many of the media companies in Japan don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about reaching to overseas audiences as Manatsu is.

Saki KamiyaPOP @sakisaki_dayo

POP’s “handsome member” Saki Kamiya takes full advantage of her good looks by posting quite a few pictures of herself in cosplay from Attack on Titan and Osomatsu-san, just to name a few. There’s also the BiS connection as she and some of the other members seem to always be meeting up no matter how busy their current projects may be.

Ringo KoisioBandjanaimon! @sioringogo

There are definitely a lot of cute pictures on Siorin’s (her nickname) account but, the real draw are her short videos! Her anime-like voice and made up words will have the minutes ticking by as they play over and over again! For best results, follow her constant companion Miyu Mochizuki too for more video footage! If you end up following the whole group, that’s fine too! Ha〜wa!

AnoYurumerumo! @a_n_o2mass

As one of the most popular members of Yurumerumo!, Ano is constantly the center of attention and her Instagram backs it up handily! With a collection of professional grade photos from performances and fashion shoots mixed in with Ano’s own camerawork, the minutes will turn into hours as you keep finding new things to like. Ano might not be for everyone but, those who love her are almost like disciples of a religion.

KanraBELLRING Girls Heart @wanwan_engawa

As a member of one of the “strongest groups in Tokyo”, Kanra is full of surprises. Whether she’s dancing with her dog in the bathroom with retro TV effects, on a stage, or with the others, any moment is open to being documented and shared! Perhaps most impressive was her burst of photos from Maid Day (May 10, can be read as “mei-do” since “do” is Japanese for 10). Don’t miss out when the next themed day comes along because Kanra might surprise you!

Marino SaiharaChubbiness @chu_marino

Marino Saihara from Chubbiness doesn’t just cosplay as characters from some of Japan’s most popular series like Sailor Moon and Osomatsu-san, she goes all out when it comes to showing her love for Marvel comics as well with an amazing Squirrel Girl outfit! She even does back and front handsprings! Don’t let your dreams just be dreams!

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