Aliens! Princess! Magician! Renaissance! Gentleman! and More! IDOL NEWSING LIVE 2 Report

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Aliens! Princess! Magician! Renaissance! Gentleman! and More! IDOL NEWSING LIVE 2 Report

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July 22nd, all of Japan was excited about the “Pokemon GO” release. On the same day, “IDOL NEWSING LIVE 2” was held at Shinjuku BLAZE.

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This live event was held commemorating the release of “IDOL NEWSING vol.2”, a DVD magazine which was produced and sold by writer Shinshi Okajima who is specialized in idols.


On the theme of “Tokyo and Girls”, this DVD magazine includes image products collaborated by idols with cutting-edge creators such as musicians and videographers. Although it was created by Okajima alone, it boasts a high quality. The music video of “Rinne Rap” by Rinne Yoshida was much-hyped on the Internet.

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This live was the closing part of the DVD release event so all idols in the DVD were on the stage. Each number was outside the box and most of idols on the stage were short hair which Okajima really loves. I would say it all had culture fest atmospheres, so to speak, “Okajima fes”.

An opening act was a rap unit NEWKIDSCREW whose members are E TICKET PRODUCTION, a producer of “Rinne Rap”, NEWKIDS and Shinshi Okajima himself. Some other crew members also appeared, wandering around and taking smartphone pictures with each other on the stage. A music critic Akimasa Munekata and the author of this article (Reiichi Narima) were included in the crew; So many writers were on the stage.


Next stage was ririka who is a model and an actor: she covered Ryoko Hirosue’s “Maji de Koi Suru Gobyou Mae”. She looks rather sexy in Tumblr and other social media; however, she was just like a middle school student in overalls on the stage and resembled Ryoko Hirosue, who is Okajima’s muse, at the time of her debut. I thought only Okajima could have had ririka, who looks good with short hair, sing Hirosue’s song, but I was wrong. It was ririka who decided to sing that song. She shyly performed looking at “crib note”, which was very fresh among the professional and experienced idols.


HIMETOMAHOU is a contemporary pop unit by Tama Himeno, an idol, and DJ Mahoutukai, a cartoonist Daisuke Nishijima. Their performance was kind of avant-garde; Himeno sang to Nishijima’s piano, which was something between singing and reciting. Her relaxing voice made it very pop and fresh. Again, many writers such as cartoonists and creators gathered on the stage.


Risa Satosaki performed “Katarukasutoro” and her new song “Little Bee”. It was a short time but the gap between her sidesplitting MC talk and soulful performances really stuck in my mind.


Maison book girl performed irregular time songs with high performances. When they started their career, the members seemed to try catching up with the unique visions which have been created by Kenta Sakurai. Since they released an album last year, the performances have been polished. They weren’t in the DVD; however, the producer Sakurai and Okajima have known each other, so a lot of instrumental music in the DVD was produced by Sakurai.


Next stage was a special unit; Rinne Yoshida, Manami Arai, and Riko Ishino, they all adorned the cover of the DVD, collaborated on mihimaruGT’s “Kibun Jyou Jyou↑↓”. It obviously brought a huge excitement to the venue.


Idol Renaissance brought a summer sensation to the stage, wearing a white sailor school costume, which was very striking. The concept of this idol group is to express the attractions of the other’s new and old famous works by covering the songs and dancing along with them. What really knocked me out here was that when they covered “Yoake no BEAT” of FUJIFABRIC, a theme song of drama “MOTEKI”; the song was about the inner of gloomy boys. It was very interesting to see Idol Renaissance make it something really sparkling and youthful song compared to the original.

idol-newsing-live-2-report-08 idol-newsing-live-2-report-07

I’ve been to Rinne Yoshida’s lives and I think she really shines as a vocalist in big venues rather than in a small one. The collaboration with a backup dancer group “NATT!” was marvelous and she looked very confident as a skilled singer. I was so impressed especially with “RINNE RAP”; it probably won’t be that long before she shall have lives in large venues such as Nippon Budokan or Tokyo Dome.

idol-newsing-live-2-report-09 idol-newsing-live-2-report-10

The last performer was “UPUPGIRLS (KARI)”. Their live performance is always overwhelming because of the high sound pressure. I would say their live is rather pugnacious, which always works out me, of course in a pleasant way. They are going to have a solo concert at Nippon Budokan on November 8th. I am sure they will get through it without a hitch.

idol-newsing-live-2-report-11 idol-newsing-live-2-report-12

For a finale, all idols except NEWKIDSCREW sang “Party People Alien” by UPUPGIRLS (KARI) together. Everyone was dancing and wearing the sunglasses on which “KARI” was written. It was quite a sight like heaven. The event reflected the concept of the DVD and everyone frenetically went through the Okajima fes.


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Photos by Fuchizaki

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