IDLE is DEAD!? Former BiS Members Strike a “nerve” at Hibiya Yaon for ANARCHY TOUR Finale!

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IDLE is DEAD!? Former BiS Members Strike a “nerve” at Hibiya Yaon for ANARCHY TOUR Finale!

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The final 6 members of legendary anti-idol group BiS brought their 5-city ANARCHY TOUR to a triumphant finale at Hibiya Park’s Yagai Ongakudo (Yaon for short) on April 29, 2016. It was a day that many “kenkyuuin” (BiS fans) had been anticipating ever since the tour was announced during “BILLE IDLE® Presents ‘Brand-new Idle Society” on December 12, 2015. With the combined forces of BILLIE IDLE® (First Summer Uika, Nozomi Hirano), Maison book girl (Megumi Koshoji), LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN (Pour Lui), POP (Saki Kamiya), and Tentenko, each of their performances stood strong against the chilly and blustery conditions surrounding the amphitheater, culminating with one of the greatest songs in idol history, “nerve”!

Unfortunately, we are still waiting on authorization from Maison book girl so this report is being published without their part of the live included for now. We deeply apologize for this. We hope that we will be able to publish this report in its entirety in the near future.


Tentenko appeared on the stage right on schedule, starting off with abstract noise music. Even though she was an idol, it was not surprising at all because she has collaborated with famous noise band Hijou Kaidan as a member of BiS (BiS Kaidan) and made her major debut with Toshiji Mikawa (Hijou Kaidan).

As the wind continued to blow strongly, Tentenko created her distinctive world. She sang a phrase “Atarashii Asa ga Kita Kibou no Asa da” (a new morning came with hope) from “Radio Taisou no Uta” in a track composed with heavy bass sound and screaming noises.
Maybe she was implying that something really drastic would happen during this event. The audience, including myself, could not help but hope that it was what we all had been anticipating: BiS reunion on stage.

Tentenko continued by playing a song in which her voice seemed to be sampled and looped. Sounding like a theremin, the music was accompanied by a lyrical rap-like phrase “Douka shiteruze Vini Vinyl Atama Kurukuru” (this is not certain but at least that’s what I think I heard). This phrase was completely in comprehensible but, there was a comfort within the state of acatalepsy. However, after she left the stage, the noisy feelings in my heart did not calm down at all. This was the moment that I knew that this event would be legendary.

words by ykmk


When Tempest Takeuchi (guitar), Ohara just begun (bass), and Angels Ken (drums) came out onto the stage, the audience stood up in anticipation of Pour Lui’s passionate performance but, she appeared at the back of the amphitheater and ran through the aisles as she got things started with “Kanjitaiyo Sobaniitaiyo Atarashii Kaze to Kirisaku Hikari wo”. Thunderous applause and cheers welcomed the “new age rock icon” who exuded the kind of eternal charisma which never dissipates.

During the MC, Pour Lui mentioned BiS, commenting that those who were in BiS had often been called “ugly women that were terrible at dancing and singing”. Emphasizing the importance of having a dream, she added that despite those criticisms BiS had managed to stand on to the stage of Yokohama Arena, a venue which can hold more than 10,000 people. The audience was then heated up with “Rip me” (“rip” リプ is an abbreviation for “reply” リプライ, as when replying to someone on Twitter), her words piercing my heart one by one. Noting her growth as a singer and her stage talk, I was deeply moved by her performance as an artist, not just an idol. When she was in BiS, Pour Lui surprised and moved me many times through their extreme activities. Even though it might have been her that was surprised by Junnosuke Watanabe (ex-BiS manager), seeing Pour Lui now continuing to surprise and move the audience, I felt as if I had begun to see her true talents shining through.

To end her set, Pour Lui ran through the audience and did “ippon-jime” which is a hand-clap performed to celebrate the successful conclusion of a task. Pour Lui essentially did not change at all but her skill and attitude towards singing had definitely grown as shown by the red-hot performance of LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN that day.

01 Kanjitaiyo Sobaniitaiyo Atarashii Kaze to Kirisaku Hikari wo
02 Smash Hit
03 Starlight
04 Rip me
05 Dear

words by ykmk

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