FEMM Drop MVs for “Neon Twilight” and “Countdown”

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FEMM Drop MVs for “Neon Twilight” and “Countdown”

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For those of you feeling like your week is a never-ending Monday, FEMM is back to rescue you with the MVs for “Neon Twilight” and “Countdown” from their latest digital single “Neon Twilight/Countdown” (release date: June 29)!

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“Neon Twilight” is one of the theme songs for Night Nation Run in Japan, the world’s first running music festival. With RiRi and LuLa wearing inflatable raincoats while being bathed in various hues of neon lights, and the lyrics shooting across the screen at a brisk pace, don’t you feel like you’re running through the darkness to go see them perform on a warm early summer evening?

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“Countdown” is also one of the theme songs for Night Nation Run in Japan but, more importantly, it might be one of the best throwback videos/songs we have seen/heard in a long time. Anchored by that saxophone riff from Wild Sugar’s “Bring It Here” (made famous previously by Beasties Boys’ “Brass Monkey”), lyrics laced with old school slang, and layers of retro synths and drum machines piled on thick, nostalgia some of you might have only experienced indirectly will definitely be triggered!

Both songs are available on iTunes now so go get them already!

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Neon Twilight /Countdown

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