It’s a Haruna Kojima Festival in the MVs for “Shoot Sign” and “Kizukarenai you ni…” From AKB48’s 47th Single

It’s a Haruna Kojima Festival in the MVs for “Shoot Sign” and “Kizukarenai you ni…” From AKB48’s 47th Single

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AKB48 ring the bell on the final round for Haruna Kojima with the MVs for “Shoot Sign” and “Kizukarenai you ni…” from their 47th single “Shoot Sign” (release date: March 15)!

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“Shoot Sign” is the theme song for the drama Tofu Pro Wrestling and has Kojima appearing as a masked wrestler for her last single and last time as center. There are many intense scenes of her training and battling with Sakura Miyawaki. Here are some screenshots from the full-length version!

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In the MV for “Kizukarenai you ni…”, Haruna Kojima’s graduation song, she is shown thumbing through books, clutching flowers, and browsing postcards as she prepares to take the next step in her life after 11 years as an idol. As you can see in the screenshots from the full-length version below, there are also scenes with her longtime friends Minami Takahashi and Minami Minegishi included as well.

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With Haruna Kojima’s 2-day graduation concert to take place at Yoyogi National Stadium in Harajuku on February 21 (Kojimatsuri 〜Zenyasai〜) and February 22 (Kojimatsuri〜Kojima Haruna Kanshasai〜), the surrounding area has been taken over by images of AKB48’s most senior member. From the inside of Harajuku Station to her limited pop-up shop 22:market in Harajuku La Foret, her giant display gracing the Samantha Thavasa shop, and even the backstreets of Ura Harajuku, images of “Kojiharu” are everywhere! She surprised fans by appearing in Harajuku on the morning of February 19th as well.

“Shoot Sign” will be released in 5 limited edition CD/DVD versions, 5 regular CD/DVD versions, and a theater version. “Kizukarenai you ni…” is the coupling song on Type-A, Type-B, and Type-C. The coupling song for Type-D and Type-E is “Accident Chu” by the Under-19 Senbatsu. The exclusive tracks are as follows: Type-A – “Vacancy” (SKE48 Senbatsu), Type-B – “Mayonaka no Tsuyogari” (NMB48 Senbatsu), Type-C – “Tomaranai Kanransha” (HKT48 Senbatsu), Type-D – “Midori to Mori no Undoukouen” (NGT48 Senbatsu), and Type-E – “Dare no Koto wo Ichiban Aishiteru?” (Sakamichi AKB). The DVDs include the MVs for the songs on the CDs. The limited editions have event tickets and the regular versions have 1 randomly selected photo enclosed.

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