Clef Leaf Welcomes the Coming Spring With Major Debut Single “Evergreen”!

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Clef Leaf Welcomes the Coming Spring With Major Debut Single “Evergreen”!

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Clef Leaf have begun to sprout with the revealing of the MV for their major label debut single “Evergreen” (release date: March 8)!

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Clef Leaf is the second group to make their major label debut on Nippon Columbia’s idol specialty music label Label The Garden. Keeping with the theme of “leaves” in their name, their 1st MV places them in the middle of a library (The Japanese word for “words” is “kotoba” 言葉, which also includes the character for leaf in it.). There is an air of fantasy present as time seems to stand still. “Evergreen” is the March 2017 ending theme song for the TBS program “Arita Generation”.

“Evergreen” will be released in 2 versions and the coupling song is titled “Countdown”. The exclusive tracks for each version are: “Clover” (Type-A) and “Arigatou, Mata ne”. The 1st anniversary of Clef Leaf and the rest of Label The Garden’s regular broadcasting program “Columbia Idol Ikusei Variety ’14☆Shoujo Funtouki!’ ~Major Debut e no Michi~” on KawaiianTV Friday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00pm (JST) with host Takashi Yoshida (Black Mayonnaise) and co-host Kanako Kadowaki (ex-NMB48) is quickly approaching. Clef Leaf will also be holding instore events throughout the Kanto area during the week of the release of “Evergreen”.

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