“Please Eat me Deliciously…” Sanrio Character KIRIMI chan. Transforms into Human and Appeals Her Deliciousness

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“Please Eat me Deliciously…” Sanrio Character KIRIMI chan. Transforms into Human and Appeals Her Deliciousness

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KIRIMI chan. is a Sanrio character who is a slice of salmon that wants to be eaten deliciously by people. Sanrio is one of the top character producing company in Japan that is a founder of Hello Kitty.

KIRIMI chan.

KIRIMI chan.

KIRIMI chan has been focused by many people from its unique and fresh character that Sanrio produced. Unsure about the change in policy of Sanrio, KIRIMI chan has challenged and involved in many original fields, such as making a CD debut, and this time, she and her friends are starting out a new promotion called “KIRIMI chan Personification Promotion” as an ambassador of “Let’s Eat Fish” project of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The promotion video and the visual key has been released.

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Here we introduce all the members’ details and CV of them.


KIRIMI chan./CV : Tsubasa Yonaga


Saba(mackerel) kun /CV : Takuma Terashima


Tai (sea bream) kun / CV : Nobunaga Shimazaki


Same (shark) Senpai /CV : Takuya Sato


Sasamin / CV : Daiki Yamashita

Wait…Sasami is “Chiken tender” in English. KIRIMI chan. series is not only for fish anymore. But “Kirimi” means “a slice of fish/meat”, so this is understandable.


Chateaubriand / CV : Kenjirou Tsuda

Meat again! This Chateaubriand looks so strong and oresama(overly-self-confident and narcissistic). Hm….Not bad.

This KIRIMI chan.’s new challenge looks totally crazy when you think of Sanrio’s traditional conservative company’s history, but KIRIMI chan.’s wish is veyr simple : to be eaten by you deliciously! KIRIMI chan. is KIRIMI chan no matter what form she is! Let’s eat KIRIMI including salmon deliciously and make KIRIMI chan.’s wish come true!

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