TGU Giveaway : Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Advanced Film

TGU Giveaway : Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Advanced Film

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Japanese cosmetics have many specialized types and are known for their high quality even at affordable prices. One of the most popular brands with Japanese girls that can be found at at drugstores and cosmetic stores across Japan is the “KISS ME” Heroine Make series.


Among them, the item “Heroine Make long & curl mascara advanced film” has been receiving a lot of attention from young girls in Japan and Yuu from female idol otaku group Omiyage demonstrates why!


This series has its own brand character Elizabeth Himeko, who provides advice and cosmetics to make all girls in the world more beautiful. Her regal likeness appears on the packaging accompanied by the message, “We shouldn’t accept smeared mascara in the evening.” So strict to keeping beauty!


The best feature of this mascara is being super resistant against sweat, oil, and water. It prevents the mascara from being smeared even if you cry or rub your eyes; however removal is quite simple! Without the need for special makeup remover, the mascara comes off with the use of regular face wash! The combination of toughness and ease of removal are one of the reasons that this mascara is loved by girls all over Japan.


Left : without applying the mascara / Right : with the mascara

Applying the mascara on her eyelashes, Yuu mentioned that it was very smooth to apply.


She said, “Being an idol otaku, I am always afraid of my mascara getting smeared when I sweat but, I think I don’t need to worry about it with this!”

Ta-da! She finished applying the mascara on eyelashes! Can you see the difference from earlier?


But! Don’t you want to see if it’s really resistant against sweat, oil, and water? Although there was no time to do all the tests, as you can see it did not get smeared even when she cried…! Look!


We were fortunate enough to get five pieces of mascara and will be giving them away to five lucky readers! Enjoy your beautiful life with it!


Heroine Mascara Video

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